Friday, September 30, 2005

Newport Union is scary

There will be no new episodes of The O.C. until November 3rd!!! While I watch it every week…I don’t know how much more I can take of this Ryan/ Marissa turmoil. And poor, poor Julie Cooper…what will she do now that all she has is Louis Vuitton Luggage and a nasty dive of a motel room…I was all freaked out when she was lying down on the motel comforter. Doesn’t she know that those things never get washed…ewww! Why is it that Marissa was wearing American Eagle polo’s when she went to the rich school and is wearing a Chanel necklace and Chanel purse when she goes to trashy Newport Union? Last night’s episode was completely screwy…and wasn’t it too bad that Summer didn’t find Seth making out with Dean Hess, that would have been one cliffhanger!

Survivor bored me to no end. Apparently a big twist is coming up soon…I hope so….I don’t know how much longer I’ll be watching otherwise…eye candy and all. Anyhow, I think it’ll be a tribe shuffle…since reality T.V. shows aren’t truly reality…I have no problem with rules changing on the fly to make it a little more interesting.

Martha's Apprentice drops 20 percent of its viewers and ties with Top Model in key demographic markets.
Nielsen has good news for Tyra Banks and bad news for Martha Stewart. On Wednesday, the second episode of The Apprentice: Martha Stewart lost almost 20 percent of its viewers from its low-rated first episode.
Among viewers 18 to 49, Martha’s show dropped to fourth place, tying America’s Next Top Model 5, which was up from last week.

Movies opening today...

September 30, 2005 (Click the movie title to get reviews)
Separate Lies
Into the Blue
The Thing About My Folks
The Greatest Game Ever Played
Everything is Illuminated
Grizzly Man

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Beware of Falling Star(s)...

Star Jones will be a red carpet reporter no more...she was axed by E! Kathy griffin and Queer Eye's Karson will fill her huge ;-) shoes

Two British newspapers reported Thursday that supermodel Kate Moss has checked into a rehabilitation clinic, The Meadows rehab clinic in Arizona.

Did you watch Top Model last night? The make-over episodes are always my favourite...especially when some whiny little waif sheds tears...ha! Here are some of the more shocking transformations (some better some worse) click to enlarge.

Have you heard the rumor that the big twist this season is that the below model wannabee is or was once a man?!? Personally, I have a hard time thinking that any woman in training would have nasty eyebrows like that!

While CNN golden boy Anderson Cooper is off chronicling hurricane wreckage along the Gulf Coast and such, his apartment back in New York is doing quite the little discount dance....the two-bedroom pre-war coop unit has dropped again, this time to $1,795,000..wanna take a peak (or perhaps buy it for me?) Anderson's Place

This may be old news, but it's worth repeating...When Gwyneth Paltrow hit the road to promote her new movie Proof at the end of August, she was glowing. Why? A friend of the Oscar-winning actress and her hubby, Coldplay rocker Chris Martin, tells Star the couple had just learned they're expecting their second baby in the spring
Will & Grace opens its seventh and final season with one of those gimmicky stunts -- a live episode (8:30 p.m

Wednesday was a happy day for producers of Fox Broadcasting Co.'s "Prison Break" and "American Dad," NBC's "The Office" and USA Network's "The 4400."
All four shows have earned pickup orders from their respective networks.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Amazing Race last night

I have to tell you straight out, that while I have a ton of favourite reality shows, Amazing Race wins hands down. So, a couple of commercial breaks into last nights show I said to Darren "I just realized that we have to endure an entire season of this family nonsense". In the end I have to say that it's just as captivating as any pervious season (I do miss the scramble at the airports though....will there be no planes at all this season...what the hell!) The children for the most part annoy me to no that's whose demise I'll be routing for. I generally always cheer for the team that has the best looking guy(s)...remember the twins from a few years back!?! There's the one team with 3 brothers and a sister, I guess they're as good as it gets this season.
I have two favourite moments from last night...firstly, if the woman praises Jesus or God one more time I might lose it...anyhow, when she was run over by the Amish Cart...HAHAHA!!! Where’s Jesus now!
And of course that annoying little blond girl that can run a 7 minute mile (who Darren says is "So cute" blah!) When she said "I might be small, but I am not ssshhhhtupid" I couldn't stop her, not with her

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The official Christmas Kick-off

Yippee! The Neiman Marcus Christmas Book has arrived!!!

How would you (and 500 of your closest friends) like a private concert from Elton John for only $1.5 mill? Or how about a breathtaking collection of jewelry, eight significant pieces in all, spanning parts of the last three centuries, from the 1800s to 2004 for $1.2..all this can be yours (plus gifts under $100 too). It's never too early to start...and if you're buying for me, remember the bigger the better ;-) Neiman's Christmas Book

The next Melrose?

Set in the "edgy" Hollywood-adjacent neighborhood of Silver Lake, "Sex, Love & Secrets" follows a group of sufficiently attractive twentysomethings as they deal with the "complex human relationships and friendships" they encounter each day. So says UPN, at least. Hank (James Stevenson) is the lead singer of a pseudo-punk band and -- while still a wild musician at heart -- he's ready to settle down with his celebrity-profiling journalist girlfriend Rose (Lauren German). But Hank's plans to propose are thwarted when a relationship from Rose's past comes back to haunt her. Denise Richards ("Empire," "Scary Movie 3") and Eric Balfour ("Six Feet Under") also star.

Amazing race 8: Season premiere Family Edition
Kicks off with a special two-hour season premiere
In the eighth season of this race around the world, the usual 11 teams of two have been replaced with 10 teams of four. Adding to this logistical nightmare is the fact that every team is a family, whether by blood or marriage.

His show ratings are cold, but he must still be hot in the bedroom (the thought makes me shudder) Donald Trump, father of four, is expecting a fifth child in the spring with wife Melania Knauss

If you missed it…UPN repeats America’s Next Top Model tonight at 8 p.m ET, the same time the show will repeat every week. New episodes air Wednesdays at 8.

I love this time of year…after having to suffer through 9 months of crap at the theatres, the Oscar Contenders finally get released. Two trailers worth checking out.
The Producers
Memoirs of a Geisha

KG, say it ain't so!

My favourite celeb reality show is kathy Griffin's life on the D-list...well...Comedian Kathy Griffin filed for divorce from her husband, Matthew Moline, in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday.
Her rep declined to comment, but the divorce papers cited irreconcilable differences.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Splitsville for 2 more couples

Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush (married for 5 months), and Catherine Keener and Dermott Mulroney are all getting divorced. I can't keep up! '05 is certainly not a great year for Hollywood couples.

Xtina next to wed and something French

Pictures of "Dirty" X-tina celebrating her Bachelorette Party in Mexico @ the La Pamilla resort (which I've been asking Darren to take me to forever)

As you may or may not know, I'm not a sports fan...with one exception; French rugby. If you're not familiar with Dieux Du don't know what you're missing (unless you're a straight male, in which case you may want to skip this one). In short, Dieux Du Stade is a gathering of the hottest french rugby players who get together once a year to pose for a HOT calendar (which is sometimes accompanied by an even hotter making of dvd). I can't post some the inside pics here, because I know people are looking at this at work, but trust me you'll want to get a copy of this. Holler!

Sienna Miller is reportedly going to be the new face of Burberry after Kate Moss got the axe for that little incident involving her and an illegal substance (which I'm now thinking is if 1/2 of the models/ actresses aren't doing coke...Lyndsay and Mary Kate come to mind)

Arrested Development 8:00 PM - FOX
Charlize Theron begins her 4 episode stint on tonight’s episode

Bad news about Donald Trump’s fourth Apprentice. The debut was watched by 9.9 million viewers, roughly 6 million fewer than the third-season debut.

ABC will postpone Wednesday's scheduled premieres of 8-9 p.m. comedies "George Lopez" and "Freddie" for one week to make room for a rerun of the season premiere of "Lost," which will lead into the drama thriller's second episode at 9 p.m

Box Office Weekend Wrap Up

1 Flightplan $24.6
2 The Corpse Bride $20.1
3 Just Like Heaven $9.8
4 Roll Bounce $8.0
5 The Exorcism of Emily Rose $7.5
6 Lord of War $17.2
7 The 40 Year-Old Virgin $4.3
8 The Constant Gardener $2.2
9 Transporter 2 $39.8
10 Cry Wolf $7.4

This was the fourth consecutive "up" weekend at the box office with the Top 12 films grossing $89.2 million compared to the $59 million the same weekend last year.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


I ran the Scotiabank 1/2 Marathon today! I thought i was going to die at the end, but I managed to scrape by and beat my goal of 2hours.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to lose my big toe toenail since it's purple and getting darker by the hour. I also managed to get some serious blisters (I had to take a cab home...once I took my shoees off it hurt far too much to put them back on).

By the way, chubby lady with blond hair, if you're reading this...when you come to a water station during the race, it's not a god-damned bar where you stop and chat...I'm glad I pushed you, and now regret not running you over!

Thanks to Stephen, Patrick, Heather, Stephanie, and Darren for coming to cheer me on. I got goosebumps from the cheers (which actually hurt since I waxed my arms just yesterday...and goosbumbs kinda feel and look ugly the day after)

My time: 1:56:35.0. I'm happy with that.

I took a much deserved nap and woke up to the noise of Darren chopping vegetables and the smell of burnt toast. naturally I thought I was having a stroke and had to come out to the kitchen to see if the oven was on or if I had to call an ambulance.

Aside from the obvious, my favourite part of the race...all the hot guys wearing short-shorts. Worst who didn't protect their nipples and had blood running down their shirt..EWWW!!!!
Here's a couple of pics (please take into consideration, in the last picture with my friend Graham, I have no product in my hair and hadn't yet moisturized)

Demi and Ashton: Married

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher officially married last night, Saturday, September 24th. Anyone want to make a wager on how many days it will be before I blog about their divorce? Perhaps I should create one now and save it for the inevitable. Oh love Hollywood's so fun!

Friday, September 23, 2005


First new show cancellation of the season goes to...Head Cases, starring Chris O'Donnell and Adam Goldberg. I feel bad for Chris...I think Joel Schumacher is personally responsible for ruining his career by casting him in the god-awful Batman and Robin movie.

Oprah's latest book club pick, announced Thursday, is "A Million Little Pieces,"by James Frey

After the race on Sunday, I will be reintroducing weight training into my gym routine...I'd like my arms to look like this:

If anyone is keeping tabs on my x-mas list (it's never too early to start) I would like to add this cute Ipod Case and this handy bag to my list.

I want this

Help me convince D it's time to move...I want this house


After my first 5 day work week, in what seems like forever, I'm so happy it's finally Friday!

Opening in Toronto theatres today (go to for reviews)

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride
A History of Violence
Oliver Twist
Sympathy for Mr. Vengence
Roll Bounce
An Unfinished Life
Pretty Persuasion
9 Songs
In her Shoes (sneak preview tomrrow @ 7:00)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

What was Walt saying on Lost?

On last nights episode of Lost, Walt was trying to say something, but I couldn't figure it out for the life of me. Thanks to some smartypants out there...the spoken were's were played backwards and he was saying "Don't press the button! No, button's bad." Click here to hear for yourself

Watch me run

If anyone is interested in cheering me on @ the Scotiabank 1/2 Marathon...Start time is 8:00am and I expect to be done somewhere around 10:00
Here's a detailed map where you'll find me@ the start and finish

B&A making out in Edmonton

from Canoe - Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's visit to West Edmonton Mall yesterday afternoon was full of surprises, with eyewitnesses saying Jolie's adopted son called Pitt "daddy," and the Hollywood superstars were seen naughtily necking.

"It was pretty sexy," said Rosemary Austen, in town from Mayerthorpe.

Pitt and Jolie were in an arcade in Galaxyland at the time, flanked by security. Eager onlookers were snapping photos, some pushed back by bodyguards.

And the kiss, in a darkened corner of the arcade, wasn't a peck, Austen said. "It was full on. They were necking."

opportunity for a cheap date

Martha Martha Martha

Tonight on T.V.:

Chris Rock narrates this comedy supposedly based on his own childhood in Brooklyn.

DANCING WITH THE STARS: DANCE-OFF SEASON PREMIERE 8-8:30PM The winner of Tuesday's rematch is announced


Last night I watched and enjoyed Martha Stewart's Apprentice. While the challenge was a tad lame, redoing a classic fairytale, I'd rather see her than Donald any day. Instead of "You're Fired" she's saying "You just don't fit it" and then closed the episode with a narrative of the farewell letter she wrote to the loser. She's all class!

The "New" Montreal film festival is having some serious issues...first it pulled the Homolka flick after receiving a ton of bad press for attempting to screen they've had the Closing gala premiere of Domino (Keira Knightley) pulled by the studio since none of the films stars would be able to attend. The studio felt it would be a waste of time to have such a lack-luster premiere. In it's place, Pride and Prejudice (also with Knightley and also already screened at the Toronto film fest) will be shown.

Lastly...just got an e-mail from UPS that my new cashmere sweater and Darren's new winter coat will be delievered today yippee! Have you ever been to Love it!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Great night for T.V.

In the news for today...

Six months after Rebecca Romijn's divorce from John Stamos, she's promised herself to another man. The supermodel-turned-actress became engaged to "Sliders" actor Jerry O'Connell over the weekend in New York.

The tracklisting for Madonna's new cd, hitting store shelves on the 15th of November has been revealed: (here's a pic from her and hubby at the UK premiere of Guy's new film, Revolver)
Confessions On A Dancefloor
1.Hung Up
2.Get Together
4.Future Lovers
5.I Love New York
6.Let It Will Be
7.Forbidden Love
9.How High
12.Like It Or Not

Cameron D on the cover of the October issue of my favourtie mag even though there are sports articles from time to time(and since the last couple of issues of Cargo have been dissapointing)

Notable shows On T.V. tonight (according to me..which means you won't see any CSI or Law and Order stuff here...sorry!):

The Apprentice: Martha Stewart: SERIES DEBUT 8-9PM
America's Next Top Model: SEASON PREMIERE 8-10PM

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Mimi likes to paint

I obviously haven't found my footing this going to be strictly news, strictly trash, strictly personal entries...I guess it'll all come together eventually.

For now...feast your eyes on Charlize Theron on the cover of he latest HB.

The Amercian Music Award (AMA) nominations were released today...since Madonna wasn't nominated I don't care to find them yourself...ha! I will tell you that Mimi (aka Mariah) was nominated. I will bet all the money in the world that Mariah's body was digitally altered in her latest videos to make her look thin...she has painted on abs in the past, see below.

In some early Oscar news...Helmer Christian Carion's $22 million, WWI-set "Joyeux Noel" (Merry Christmas) will represent France in the foreign-language category at the Oscars, while Colombia is going with "La sombra del caminante," written and helmed by newcomer Ciro Guerra.

The next season of the embarassingly entertaining Surreal Life has Florence Henderson, Sherman Hemsley, Tawny Kitaen, C.C. Deville of Poison, Steve Harwell of Smashmouth, Playboy's Andrea Lowell, Alexis Arquette of the famous Arquette family and a reality TV hunk that the cast will choose.

Who knows if Madonna will ever film a video for her yet to be released single Hung Up (go to motorola to hear a clip of the Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie inspired song). David LaChappelle has dropped out of directing the video due to "Artistic Differences" which usually means "We're two stubborn divas and don't get along"

We tried to get tickets to see The Odd Couple while in NYC (early December) but the goddamn show is sold out. Anyone have some Broadway/ Off Broadway plays or musical suggestions for Dec 2nd -5th?

Finally...Gwen Stefani and her posse of Japanese Jarajuku Girls will be coming to the ACC December 9th. Tickets go on sale this Friday (of course this news comes a little late for me and D since we already have tix to see her in Detroit late next month...damn it!!!)

Kate + Coke = Dumped

Only 5 more sleeps until I run the Scotiabank ½ marath, yikes!...but on to more important things…Busy busy T.V. night tonight…here’s the lowdown.
8:30 to 10:00, Dancing with the Stars dance-off between John O’Hurley and Kelly Monaco (winner will be announced Sunday)

9:00, The Big Brother 6 Finale...wil it be Maggie or Ivette? And who cares since they both suck!

10:00, The Rock Star: INXS finale

H&M has decided that cocaine and their image do not mix and have decided to dump their fall fashion spokesperson Kate Moss (who if you don’t know had pictures of herself doing the nasty little powdery drug all over the British tabloids)

On a sad note…one of my favourite shows is no more. HBO is apparently no longer Friends Lisa Kudrow's comedy mockumentary Comeback yesterday, saying that they would not be able to give it the support necessary. Shame on everyone who didn’t watch this fantastic witty show and as a result it’s been canned. I blame you personally!!! ;-)

Perez Hilton confirms what I've known forever...Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser) is GAY GAY GAY!!!

Lastly, here’s a pretty little picture of a pregnant Jennifer Garner from the Emmy’s on Sunday

Soprano's star separated?

JAMIE Lynn Discala (Tony Soprano's daughter on the hit show) was seen making out with some big-time NYC club promoter. It's apparently well known among her inner circle that she and hubby (seen many times on the Jessica and Nick show Newlyweds) are ov-ah!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Tyra - Before and After

Tyra Banks proves that even she requires A LOT of air brushing on her photos before they make their way into your favourite magazine (look at the legs especially). Anyhow, on tomorrow's show (in case you don't know Tyra is hoping to be the next Oprah and has her own daytime talk show) Tyra wants the world to know her boobs are REAL...she has a sonogram done to prove it

With a brand new studio, Jennifer helped Oprah celebrate her 20th season today by half-heartedly spilling the beans on life after Brad. She looked better than ever (those heavy duty Oprah filters may be partially to blame). Oprah didn't get very much info out of her...Jen's favourite drink is a dirty martini, favourite junk food is Mexican, and fiures papparazzi will get bored sooner or later with taking boring old pics of her walking on the beach.
We aso learned today the truth behind the Hermes scandal...actually I learned nothing from it other than Oprah is a big spolied baby....on the other hand she has donated 10 million of her own dollars for the New Orleans disaster, so I'll bite my tongue this time. But Oprah's best friend Gail didn't donate anything, to my knowledge, so I can freely say that she's such a loser, does Oprah not realize this obvious little fact...can't Maya Angelou give the big O some advice on the friend front?

News bits:
Katey Sagal will guest-star on an episode of "Lost" early this season. Apparently, many more high profile names will be seen in flashbacks

I doubt anyone still watches this, but just in case...John Stamos has been tapped for a guest-starring role on NBC's veteran medical drama "ER." The actor will appear in two episodes of the Warner Bros. TV series that are set to air during the November sweep

Courtney Love, clutching a copy of Bob Dylan's autobiography, was sentenced on Friday to 180 days in jail for violating her probation, but will serve her time in a live-in drug treatment center.

Casting Couch: Adrien Grenier (of Entourage fame) has signed on to be in The Devil Wears Prada, along side Anne Hathaway (who's terrific in Brokeback Mountain)

Emmy thoughts

Yay Blythe Danner! She just won for Huff and I gotta say that is the BEST show on T.V. I have the first season on DVD (it's an Emmy screener, don't tell anyone)...if anyone wants to borrow it, and you should want to, let me know.

Best Dressed...Felicity Huffman looked gorgeous and freshly botoxed and a glowing and pregnant Jennifer Garner.

Debra looks so much healthier with that extra leftover baby's refreshing to not see her ribs and collar bone peeking out from her dress.

Remember Claire from 90210 (Hamilton native) she was on the red carpet with a new set of boobies...she's pure L.A. now...I quessing too much time spent with recently separated Tori Spelling?

Loved when Star J. asked Doogie Howser the trick to wasn't his last stint as a pseudo celeb 13 years ago?

I miss the Sex and the City girls...well I miss Sarah J and her wacky tu-tu inspired gowns. Chynthia seems to be going sans make-up, yikes!

Heidi Klum wanted to show her appreciation to everyone who sent flowers to celebrate the birth of her and Seal's new baby by wearing them as a dress.

Don't cha think Rachel Billson looked like a sponsor for aluminum foil?..wWhere's the bloddy pic to proove it, well just take my word will ya?

What was up with that opening number with the Black Eyes Peas? Since when can you rhyme a word with the same word?

Portia loses her Australian accent and no one questions it, Madonna acquires a British one and she's a poser.. not fair!

And finally...separated at birth?

Sunday, September 18, 2005

On T.V This week - a ton 'o premieres

Do I like the name M-Daily instead of Mykeywood ? I can't decide...really though, what difference should a name make?

Anyhow on T.V. this week Whis :

Monday the 19th
Jennifer Aniston on Oprah
Arrested Devlopment Season 3 Premiere

Wednesday the 21st
The Apprentice Martha Stewart Premiere
America's Next Top Model Premiere
Lost Season 2 Premiere

Thursday the 22nd
The Apprentice - Donald Trump Premiere

Friday the 23rd
Nip/Tuck Season 3 Season Premiere

Sunday the 25th
Desperate Housewives Premiere
Curb Your Enthusiasm Season Premiere

New Blog and Emmy Time

So Mikeywood, which is the name I would have most liked to have used, is already taken. I figure if this thing ever gets big enough, perhaps I will be able to get it back...since Mykeywood kinda stinks.

Here you will find all things pop culture, plus some of my 2 cents thrown into the mix.

So tonight is the Emmy awards...stay tuned for my complete wrap up.

Also coming very soon...this week in T.V. including shows you'll want to be watching