Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Amazing race 8: Season premiere Family Edition
Kicks off with a special two-hour season premiere
In the eighth season of this race around the world, the usual 11 teams of two have been replaced with 10 teams of four. Adding to this logistical nightmare is the fact that every team is a family, whether by blood or marriage.

His show ratings are cold, but he must still be hot in the bedroom (the thought makes me shudder) Donald Trump, father of four, is expecting a fifth child in the spring with wife Melania Knauss

If you missed it…UPN repeats America’s Next Top Model tonight at 8 p.m ET, the same time the show will repeat every week. New episodes air Wednesdays at 8.

I love this time of year…after having to suffer through 9 months of crap at the theatres, the Oscar Contenders finally get released. Two trailers worth checking out.
The Producers
Memoirs of a Geisha