Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Amazing Race last night

I have to tell you straight out, that while I have a ton of favourite reality shows, Amazing Race wins hands down. So, a couple of commercial breaks into last nights show I said to Darren "I just realized that we have to endure an entire season of this family nonsense". In the end I have to say that it's just as captivating as any pervious season (I do miss the scramble at the airports though....will there be no planes at all this season...what the hell!) The children for the most part annoy me to no that's whose demise I'll be routing for. I generally always cheer for the team that has the best looking guy(s)...remember the twins from a few years back!?! There's the one team with 3 brothers and a sister, I guess they're as good as it gets this season.
I have two favourite moments from last night...firstly, if the woman praises Jesus or God one more time I might lose it...anyhow, when she was run over by the Amish Cart...HAHAHA!!! Where’s Jesus now!
And of course that annoying little blond girl that can run a 7 minute mile (who Darren says is "So cute" blah!) When she said "I might be small, but I am not ssshhhhtupid" I couldn't stop her, not with her


Anonymous Jo-Anne said...

So my thoughts on the first episode of Amazing Race - or what I saw of it anyway, which is only the second hour.

I CAN'T BELIEVE WE LOST THE BLACK FAMILY NAMED BLACK FAMILY SO EARLY! That was going to be a source of great amusement for me through the season. Hearing The Philimanator say "Black family, you are the last to arrive. You have been eliminated from the race," even though it was supposed to be poignant made me laugh. So did "1-2-3, black family!!" See, I'm still laughing now. That's good stuff...

How can people be so abusive to those closest to them? The Paolo family disgusts me. How could the mom take such abuse and then immediately hug those twerp kids of hers when they arrived at the mat? It's like watching the Gottis without money and I can't deal with that. I hope they are booted off next week but I don't think they will be.

I really like the family with the little daughter and son. They are cute and all work together well. I loved their bastardized version of She'll be Coming 'Round the Mountain as they passed the men in the rickshaw. Classic. I also like the widow and her kids. Jesus is their airbag.

Unfortunately, the trailer for next week doesn't look very exciting. Is this race going to be conducted only in the U.S.? That will suck. Part of the fun of the Amazing Race is watching the Americans get all discombobulated in foreign lands.

Overall, the family thing will probably bite but so far has kept my interest. I didn't think it would (a la Trading Spaces Family Edition...zzzzzz, oh sorry, that just happens whenever I think of that show), but it has amused me thus far.


Gooooo, Black family!!

9:35 AM

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