Monday, September 19, 2005

Emmy thoughts

Yay Blythe Danner! She just won for Huff and I gotta say that is the BEST show on T.V. I have the first season on DVD (it's an Emmy screener, don't tell anyone)...if anyone wants to borrow it, and you should want to, let me know.

Best Dressed...Felicity Huffman looked gorgeous and freshly botoxed and a glowing and pregnant Jennifer Garner.

Debra looks so much healthier with that extra leftover baby's refreshing to not see her ribs and collar bone peeking out from her dress.

Remember Claire from 90210 (Hamilton native) she was on the red carpet with a new set of boobies...she's pure L.A. now...I quessing too much time spent with recently separated Tori Spelling?

Loved when Star J. asked Doogie Howser the trick to wasn't his last stint as a pseudo celeb 13 years ago?

I miss the Sex and the City girls...well I miss Sarah J and her wacky tu-tu inspired gowns. Chynthia seems to be going sans make-up, yikes!

Heidi Klum wanted to show her appreciation to everyone who sent flowers to celebrate the birth of her and Seal's new baby by wearing them as a dress.

Don't cha think Rachel Billson looked like a sponsor for aluminum foil?..wWhere's the bloddy pic to proove it, well just take my word will ya?

What was up with that opening number with the Black Eyes Peas? Since when can you rhyme a word with the same word?

Portia loses her Australian accent and no one questions it, Madonna acquires a British one and she's a poser.. not fair!

And finally...separated at birth?


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Anonymous mikevil said...

Forget CoJo and Joan Rivers, you are the new red carpet bitch! Have you ever been to

You would love it!

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