Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Kate + Coke = Dumped

Only 5 more sleeps until I run the Scotiabank ½ marath, yikes!...but on to more important things…Busy busy T.V. night tonight…here’s the lowdown.
8:30 to 10:00, Dancing with the Stars dance-off between John O’Hurley and Kelly Monaco (winner will be announced Sunday)

9:00, The Big Brother 6 Finale...wil it be Maggie or Ivette? And who cares since they both suck!

10:00, The Rock Star: INXS finale

H&M has decided that cocaine and their image do not mix and have decided to dump their fall fashion spokesperson Kate Moss (who if you don’t know had pictures of herself doing the nasty little powdery drug all over the British tabloids)

On a sad note…one of my favourite shows is no more. HBO is apparently no longer Friends Lisa Kudrow's comedy mockumentary Comeback yesterday, saying that they would not be able to give it the support necessary. Shame on everyone who didn’t watch this fantastic witty show and as a result it’s been canned. I blame you personally!!! ;-)

Perez Hilton confirms what I've known forever...Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser) is GAY GAY GAY!!!

Lastly, here’s a pretty little picture of a pregnant Jennifer Garner from the Emmy’s on Sunday


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