Monday, September 26, 2005

Sienna Miller is reportedly going to be the new face of Burberry after Kate Moss got the axe for that little incident involving her and an illegal substance (which I'm now thinking is if 1/2 of the models/ actresses aren't doing coke...Lyndsay and Mary Kate come to mind)

Arrested Development 8:00 PM - FOX
Charlize Theron begins her 4 episode stint on tonight’s episode

Bad news about Donald Trump’s fourth Apprentice. The debut was watched by 9.9 million viewers, roughly 6 million fewer than the third-season debut.

ABC will postpone Wednesday's scheduled premieres of 8-9 p.m. comedies "George Lopez" and "Freddie" for one week to make room for a rerun of the season premiere of "Lost," which will lead into the drama thriller's second episode at 9 p.m

Box Office Weekend Wrap Up

1 Flightplan $24.6
2 The Corpse Bride $20.1
3 Just Like Heaven $9.8
4 Roll Bounce $8.0
5 The Exorcism of Emily Rose $7.5
6 Lord of War $17.2
7 The 40 Year-Old Virgin $4.3
8 The Constant Gardener $2.2
9 Transporter 2 $39.8
10 Cry Wolf $7.4

This was the fourth consecutive "up" weekend at the box office with the Top 12 films grossing $89.2 million compared to the $59 million the same weekend last year.