Monday, September 19, 2005

Tyra - Before and After

Tyra Banks proves that even she requires A LOT of air brushing on her photos before they make their way into your favourite magazine (look at the legs especially). Anyhow, on tomorrow's show (in case you don't know Tyra is hoping to be the next Oprah and has her own daytime talk show) Tyra wants the world to know her boobs are REAL...she has a sonogram done to prove it

With a brand new studio, Jennifer helped Oprah celebrate her 20th season today by half-heartedly spilling the beans on life after Brad. She looked better than ever (those heavy duty Oprah filters may be partially to blame). Oprah didn't get very much info out of her...Jen's favourite drink is a dirty martini, favourite junk food is Mexican, and fiures papparazzi will get bored sooner or later with taking boring old pics of her walking on the beach.
We aso learned today the truth behind the Hermes scandal...actually I learned nothing from it other than Oprah is a big spolied baby....on the other hand she has donated 10 million of her own dollars for the New Orleans disaster, so I'll bite my tongue this time. But Oprah's best friend Gail didn't donate anything, to my knowledge, so I can freely say that she's such a loser, does Oprah not realize this obvious little fact...can't Maya Angelou give the big O some advice on the friend front?

News bits:
Katey Sagal will guest-star on an episode of "Lost" early this season. Apparently, many more high profile names will be seen in flashbacks

I doubt anyone still watches this, but just in case...John Stamos has been tapped for a guest-starring role on NBC's veteran medical drama "ER." The actor will appear in two episodes of the Warner Bros. TV series that are set to air during the November sweep

Courtney Love, clutching a copy of Bob Dylan's autobiography, was sentenced on Friday to 180 days in jail for violating her probation, but will serve her time in a live-in drug treatment center.

Casting Couch: Adrien Grenier (of Entourage fame) has signed on to be in The Devil Wears Prada, along side Anne Hathaway (who's terrific in Brokeback Mountain)


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