Monday, October 31, 2005

Page 6 has a blind item that is fairly easy to decode: "WHICH swishy pop star who won't admit he's gay is dating a well-known interior designer? The decorator is recovering from his previous boyfriend's tragic death, while the pop star is equally despondent about his ailing career..."...easy, Oprah's Nate Berkus and Ricky Martin. That's hot...shake your bon-bon

How can this be!!!

"Prison Break" will go on hiatus till May. With "24" coming back in January, Fox simply doesn't have enough room on its schedule. So once the first 13 "Prison Break" episodes are done airing on Nov. 28, the show won't return until May for its remaining nine episodes. "The appeal of creatively bringing it back later in the year and keeping it on in the summer outweighs the disruption it would cause," says Fox's Preston Beckman.

Heath Ledger (gay cowboy) and Michelle Williams (dirty Jen from Dawson's Creek) are the parents of a (conjecture here on my part, squishy faced) little girl...Matilda Rose (waltzing Aussie of them)

Jude and Sienna back together again and again??? WTF? Click

Ok, now the real celeb! So the train ride to Windsor and back was fine, a good opportunity to catch up on the magazines I've been buying and never having a chance to get to). As usual there were some obnoxious smelly people that we were forced to sit in close proximity with. I've convinced Darren that from this day forward we will only travel 1st class on the train (while only a step up from coach, at least we'll get to board first and feel special). The Somerset Collection was better then ever with the reopening of Tiffany’s and a new Kate Spade store (where I picked up the cutest Christmas ornaments ever). I was fairly well behaved, in other words I didn't have our credit cards declined (I'm saving that for NYC in a month). But I did enough damage that D and I looked ridiculous walking home from Union Station last night (the cabbies didn't want to take us since we weren't a high fair RUDE).
So, the Black Eyed Peas were pretty good. I swear that Fergie only has three dance moves and they all involve her shaking her tush. Gwen Stefani was GREAT! Even though she only has one cd of material to perform, the show was very high energy and had bubbles. I love bubbles, I actually prefer confetti, but bubbles are a close second.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Movies to see

Again so much to see...I'm way, way behind!!!!! (links lead to reviews)

Good night and Good Luck
The Weather Man
The Legend of Zorro
Saw II
Manners of Dying

Matthew and Sarah attended Opening Night of his new Broadway play The Odd Couple (also starring Nathan Lane who is far too ugly to put up here). Um, what has happened to her boobies? Where are they?

I hope you had a chance to catch the new video for Madonna's Hung Up, which premiered yesterday all over the world. If you didn't, here are some screen captures. My mother had the audacity to tell me that..."Oh Michael, in the beginning you can almost see her pussycat". Which is true I suppose, but really I don't want to hear my mother say pussycat. ewww.

My favourite show ever is/was Six Feet Under. So how hjappy am I that the shows creator, Alan Ball, is returning to HBO. He's developing a drama based on the "Southern Vampire" book series. "I was ready to do something a little lighter in tone than 'Six Feet,'" says Ball. "Five years of staring into the abyss was enough."

I don't like Elton John (especially since the chubby midgit with an odd love for bad hair pieces trashed Madonna) but I should at least bring to your attention that ABC has given a greenlight for an Elton John sitcom. He's producing "Him and Us," about an over-the-hill rock star and his entourage. I hope it gets cancelled. Karma!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Road Trip

So...Darren and I are off to Windsor/ Michigan for the weekend. We're taking the train, granted it's coach with the common folk, but at least I ont have to drive, or god-forbid, let Darren drive.
We'll be hitting Somerset Collection Saturday and I can't wait. Whenever we get close my heart rate increases and I break out into a sweat...not a nasty smilly one though, more like a dewy glow. Click the link to see the best mall in the world (any mall that calls itseldf a "Collection" is good in my books. Somerset. Break out the Amex D!!!
After a fun filled day of shopping, we'll be checking out the Gewn Stefani concert @ the Palace of Auburn Hills (with the Black Eyed Peas opening...hope fergie pee's!!!)
Ok, so that's all from me until Sunday.

Love Ya Bitches!!!

I'm such a philanthropist

Hung Up Video

Check out the amazingly HOT Hung Up Video NOW Click Me

Nicollette Sheridan has called off her engagement with Swedish actor Niklas Soderblom, suppose she can get any man now that she’s on one of the most popular T.V. shows? Do you think when you get botox injections so often you get a discount?

Lindsay Lohan has a new set of lips. I knew that the fish lips look would be back in!

Gwynie has cryptically confirmed she is pregnant that she is indeed going to be having another fruit in the family. The smiling star told a press conference that there were "two Paltrows in the room" while patting her bulging stomach.

Bye Jeff, I’ll miss your bulge…Mark Burnett expects Jeff Probst to leave "Survivor"
"I believe in my gut that he will move on (after the next edition)" is what Burnett told TV Guide's Michael Ausiello at a recent party. Ausiello says Burnett "also half-nodded when I asked him whether Jeff's shoes would likely be filled by a former female 'Survivor' contestant, so that rumor's apparently true as well."

Countering all the celebrity mother news of late, Janet Jackson denies reports that she has a secret 18-year-old love child. In a statement, she said, "I do not have a child and all allegations saying so are false. I already have enough on my mind, what with my bodyfat reaching a worrisome 0.2% and a bitch of a rash from my titanium nipple clamp. Please leave me be."

Poor Kyle was a loser on ANTM. Her black and white photo showed her true potential, but her Vargas shoot looks dead, her expression, as Twiggy puts it, "vacant." Next week: Midgets!

There's something seriously wrong with the world, Ashlee Simpson's new album "I Am Me" enters the Billboard 200 at No. 1 this week. People...she can't sing and her songs are complete crap...helloo! Am I the only who see's this?

Yes, there is something wrong with the world...A day when Merryl Streep looks better than Uma..who'd have thunk it? Is Uma on the Ethan Hawke diet? Yikes!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Dame Edna

Updates coming soon! I've been busy and not that much going on in the celeb world
I was up late last night laughing my tight buns off at the Royal Alex. I was also sitting in a puddle of sweat worried that the lovely Dame would pick on me (all that anxiety was for nothing as I walked away unscathed)

Monday, October 24, 2005

Paris Hilton has been making the L.A. club rounds with her new beau, Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos (a.k.a. Mary-Kate Olsen's ex) seen here making out on some beach.

So, Madonna doesn’t let her children watch T.V. because it’s “Total crap” glad to see little Lola’s daddy is as good an influence on Madonna Jr. when Madge isn’t around.

I can report with 99% certainty that Gwyneth has another Apple in the oven

Pink did get married

May wanna hold off buying that lovely little Nano...Apple Computer is facing a lawsuit that alleges the company knew its nano portable music player was defective but still decided to press on with the product's release last month.The credit card-sized nano, which replaced the best-selling iPod mini and is smaller than the traditional iPod, met with rave reviews. But users quickly started grumbling on Internet message boards that the device's screen scratches too easily.

Life after "Will & Grace" is starting to shape up for Megan Mullally, as a daytime show she's developing has been sold in the country's biggest markets.
The Emmy winner's talk-variety show, set to launch in fall 2006, has been picked up by NBC-owned stations in four of the country's largest markets -- New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco -- according to the showbiz trade papers. Typically syndicated shows have to secure a run in at least New York and Los Angeles, the top two markets, to have a chance at success.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Look at the close up photo of Halle Berry!

Lost's off-air lovebrids are reportedly very close to getting engaged (if they had a reality show, I'd call it Beauty and the Best...yikes!)
J-lo's junk
Pink is a married woman (supposedly...I may have to retract this)

Friday, October 21, 2005

I'm a liar

Ok, so it was a mere 24 hours ago when I told you I was taking a Madonna break...well I lied. Hey, I'm gay and madona's back on a horse, that's big friggin news in my world. Madge, who was witty and charming on Letterman last night, got right back on the horse at the end of her segment. God I love her. (by the way it really does look like she will be making a not so hush hush appearance at Roxy in NYC on Saturday night....road trip anyone?)

What to see...

Opening today in the GTA: (click for reviews)

North Country
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
The Squid and The Whale
Nouvelle France
Scared Sacred
The River King

Another Lost Character will be Lost forever

If you saw the scenes for the next episode of LOST, you already know that another character is getting the axe (by the way the show won't be on again until November 9th). So if you want to know, who it is...highlight the below "invisible text"
Shannon - the fabulous blonde who gladly pulls the bone of her Iraqis lover and her own brother - dies, apparently in the Nov. 9 episode, which is the first “Lost” installment of sweeps.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Madonna on Letterman tonight

(I know it seems as of late, this blog has been a little Madonna heavy...but this should be the last of it for a while).
Tonight’s Guests :Madonna, Melissa Etheridge

Guess Customer Appreciation today and are running another Customer Appreciation Sale at all Guess and Marciano retail stores, as well as their respective websites. Customers save 20% off full priced items and 50% off all sale merchandise. No coupon is required, sale is on today only (October 20).

Baby Seal

Not to be mean spirited, because that would be so out of character for me...however this can't be avoided. Take 1/2 Supermodel and 1/2 scarred pseudo Rock Star and you get one damn ugly baby Seal.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

20% off Club Monaco

Angie and Brad engaged?...

...according to her BEOWULF co-star RAY WINSTONE. Winstone is currently working with Jolie on the movie adaptation of the epic Beowulf poems. He says, "She's getting married isn't she? Yes she is."

Madonna at the premiere of I'm Going to Tell you a Secret in NYC last night.

Darren checked out the Franz Ferdinand concert last night..he said it was VERY good. I decided not to go last minute since I have a lot going on over the next few weeks (Dame Edna, trip to Michigan/ Gwen Stefani, Habeus Corpus, The Goat or Who is Sylvia, and then Darren's B-Day) and thought it best I rest...especially since I only know 3 songs. I stayed in and watched an awful film called Eating Out. Plenty of eye candy though, so if you do end up seeing it, I suggest turning the volume off (there's a full frontal of the Ryan Carnes who did a short stint as the replacement gardener on Desperate Housewives last season).

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Madonna is all over NYC, first on Ryan Seacrest, then TRL (she'll also be premiering her new doc, I'm Going to Tell You a Secret She held a roller party at the gay Mecca of all Clubs, Roxy, to play her new disco inspired CD for some friends (including Rosie O). I personally think she looked HOT!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Vince and Jen and their public display of affection.

Survivor Palau's Jenn undergoing Breast Cancer Treatment:
In People this week Jenn talks about her current treatment for stage three breast cancer. Jenn writes that, last summer, she discovered a number of lumps in her breast. “I thought it was probably scar tissue related to my breast implants. So I let it go—for a long time.” She continues, “I got my saline implants six years ago. It was just something in my head that I thought I needed to do for self-esteem, to balance myself out. Before, I was a large A-cup, and the implants changed me to a small C-cup.”Once she was finally diagnosed with breast cancer, she “opted to get a modified, radical bilateral mastectomy on Aug. 29 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. A surgeon removed both my breasts and 29 lymph nodes,” she writes. Now, she’s about to “start a four- to six-month course of chemotherapy, followed by tamoxifen, a drug designed to prevent a recurrence.

Box Office Wrap up:
1 The Fog $12.20
2 Wallace and Gromit $11.70
3 Elizabethtown $11.10
4 Flightplan $6.50
5 In Her Shoes $6.10
6 Domino $4.70
7 Two for the Money $4.60
8 A History of Violence $3.60
9 The Corpse Bride $3.50
10 The Gospel $3.20

Sunday, October 16, 2005


I ran the Toronto 1/2 Marathon today and beat my last 1/2 marathon time by over 6 minutes! (I would have loved to have been in the 140's, but I suppose it will be my goal for the next race. My time was: 1:50:17 (Unlike last time, I am now better than average when compared to both all the men who ran, 765/1795, and all men in my age group, 86/199)
The last 2 km's of the race is a gradual uphill run, which kinda slowed me down. But today I finished with a smile and still had energy to spare. No more races for me until the Hamilton around the bay 30k on March 26th.

I bought a lovely new coat to celebrate and can't Love Love Love it!

Also saw Junebug (the movie) this afternoon, and thought it was a great, slow, quirky, drama/ comedy. If you're thinking about seeing something different, I completely recommend it.

Britney Spears has made her first post baby appearence with her dirty red-neck!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Opening today...

Gotta love this time of much to choose from.

C.R.A.Z.Y. (saw this at the film festival and LOVED it)
The Thing About My Floks
The Fog
The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio
Paper Clips

The new Bond is...

I don't know why I'm caught up in this hoopla....since I don't even watch any of these movies...but for some reason I feel the need to tell you.
Daniel Craig was named as the first blond James Bond and only the second Englishman to star as Agent 007 in the film series.
Craig's selection was officially disclosed as he was brought down the River Thames aboard a military boat to a news conference, wearing Bond's trademark tuxedo and dark glasses.

Perez Hilton

Since I get some of my news from, I thought it was only fair that I share some news back with him. So if you go to his site you can download the new Madonna single, which he got courtesy of me...see e-mail chain below:

Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 23:05:24 -0400
From: "Perez Hilton" Add to Address Book
Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more
To: "Michael Rayias"
Subject: Re: Madonna's new single Hung Up

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Perez Hilton
Gossip Gangsta
Celebrity Fluff and Stuff

160 Waverly Pl., Suite #4
NY, NY 10014

On 10/13/05, Michael Rayias wrote:


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hung Up Early

Persistence has paid off for me. I scoured the internet looking for the new Madonna single, and thanks to some smarty pants out there, I found it! Great quality and in full. I won't share it here, because that would be wrong *the official release is the 17th) and because I don't know how...but if you want it, email me and I'll send it to you...if I like you that is ;-)

A few things going on...

CBS has given full-season pickup orders to three of its new series, the dramas "Ghost Whisperer" and "Criminal Minds" and the sitcom "How I Met Your Mother."

"Lost" star Josh Holloway robbed at gunpoint
The robber woke up the 36-year-old actor and his wife early yesterday morning, stealing cash, credit cards and Holloway's Mercedes-Benz.

Check this out

The new Madonna documentary, "I'm Going to Tell You a Secret" looks so FRIGGIN fantastic. Check this out for a 10 mintue preview: Preview

Top Model continues to's some pics of last nights photos:

Simple Life Over

NEW YORK (AP) - The Simple Life is over - at least on Fox.
The network said Wednesday it has cancelled the Paris Hilton-Nicole Richie reality series after the show's two stars no longer proved compatible. The feuding ex-friends will not return for a fourth season, even though the network had picked up the options on their contracts. Fox said its mid-season schedule didn't have a time slot for the show.
"We did not see a place for The Simple Life on our schedule this season," the network said in a statement.
However, 20th Century Fox Television, the studio that produces the show, hopes The Simple Life will move to another network, with Hilton and Richie.
"We're disappointed that The Simple Life will not continue on Fox where it has performed so well, but we believe this series . . . is still a dynamic and valuable franchise," the studio said in a statement.
"We hope to be able to announce a new network partner in the coming days."

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hey Jude

Sienna Miller and Jude Law have ended their engagement, months after he apologized for an affair with his children's nanny, according to a published report.
A London-based representative for Miller, who became engaged to her "Alfie" co-star last Christmas, refused comment Wednesday on the story, which was posted on People magazine's Web site. The magazine did not name any sources.
Public Eye, the London firm that represents Miller, said it would not comment on her personal life.
The Associated Press sent an e-mail to Tor Belfrage, Law's Los Angeles-based representative, seeking comment early Wednesday.
British media reported this week that Miller, 23, had been seeing Law's friend Daniel Craig while Law was fighting to win her back. Miller and Craig appeared together in the 2004 film "Layer Cake."

New IPod...again, but no Madonna

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced a new iPod that can play videos -- though it is still primarily a music device -- and new offerings in its online store, including music videos and television programs.
Jobs said that five shows from ABC will be available in the store -- including Desperate Housewives and Lost.
Music videos and television shows will be $1.99. Jobs said they will be available the day after a show airs, without commercials. It should take 10 to 20 minutes to download an episode.
For the players, a 20GB model will cost $299, and the 60 GB sells $399. Apple said it is 30 percent thinner than the current 20 GB version, though it is the same size otherwise.
The prices are the same as current models. Both are available in black or white, and start shipping next week.
Video will be shown on a 2.5-inch display, though it can also send video out to a television.

Demi and Ashton

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Drop the soap

Big-time rumours circulating that the lead hottie from Prison Break, one of this seasons "break-out" hits, is G A Y (and has been told by FOX, for the sake of the show, to go back behind the closet doors)
The writers of ABC's new show Commander in Chief, may have some more tricks in their closet. The president's son, Horace Allen, played by former Manhunt contestant Matt Lanter, may be revealed to be gay in an upcoming episode.

Maybe Gwynnie's not preggers after all? Gwyneth Paltrow, Martin Freeman and Simon Pegg will take roles in "The Good Night," a $15 million romantic comedy written and to be directed by Paltrow's brother, Jake Paltrow.
Even though it's set in New York, it will shoot mainly at London's Ealing Studios. Shooting starts Nov. 7, with a few days of New York shooting scheduled for January.

I sure hope the infamous Vogue Diva Anna Wintour likes pie..her friends from PETA gave her a free sample, in her face, at a fashion show in Paris
the decision on who replaces Pierce Brosnan as the next James Bond remains a mystery just weeks, possibly days, ahead of an official announcement

The lovely little leprechaun Sinead O'Connor is out of retirement and promoting her new Reggae CD with a North American tour. As luck would have it, she's in Toronto the weekend I'm in NYC, which makes me VERY sad..but for those of you still in town, tickets are for sale and available at ticketmaster (should be a great intimate show at the Kool Haus, I'm jealous)

Oprah's favourite designer of sheets, and my favourite designer between the sheets, Nate Berkus, unveiled his line new home line on Harpo yesterday and can be picked up at Linens and Things ( is also giving you a chance to win $5000 gift card, but even though it's opened to Canadian residents, the god-damn website doesn't have Provinces listed making a successful entry impossible...if I find time, I'll email their support staff and get it corrected)(my new thing is going to be to enter as many contests as possible, I want to be a winner!)

Here's the Long weekend Box-Office wrap-up (by the way, I saw In her was cute, a tad long, more Cameron Diaz a post-op tranny? She has the most manly looking mid section I've ever seen):

1 Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit $16.1

2 Flightplan $10.8

3 In Her Shoes $10.0

4 Two for the Money $8.4

5 The Gospel $8.0

6 The Corpse Bride $6.5

7 Waiting $5.7

8 A History of Violence $5.1

9 Serenity $4.9

10 Into the Blue $4.8

11 The Greatest Game Ever Played $4.0

12 Just Like Heaven $3.4

Monday, October 10, 2005

The bump

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Turkey, Cake and Dsquared

A little break from Hollywood for a little Mykeywood...(not a lot of star gossip worthwhile mentioning actually)
I'm not adverse to spending $300 on a pair of pants, however I will only buy them if they're on sale. If the regular price is $300, I won't buy them, however if the regular price is $600 then I consider it a great deal and won't hesitate. So yesterday I went to the new Holt's Last Call store, which I have to say I was impressed with. Actually, this Vaughn MIlls place, while not somewhere I'd go regularily is probably worth checking out a couple of times a year. I LOVE a bargain.
So not only did I get a $25 Holt's gift card as a gift with purchase (just $30 shy of getting a $50 gift card..shoot) I also got 10% off everything! Plus all three items, werea already marked down by at least 60%. Now, the Miu Miu jeans are a little snug, but for the price I figured I'll either lose some weight, so wear my shirt untucked so that my bum is covered.
I'll be right turkey needs basting.
Ok I'm back...I'm in the middle of making a Thanksgiving dinner...
So here are my three purchases, plus the Thanksgiving arrangement Darren got for me (after listening to my subtle hinting for a week) and the Carrot Cake I mad and very proud of. Gobble Gobble

Saturday, October 08, 2005

I've got a secret

Ok, I've known about this for weeks but held back on sharing on this until now...reason being, I plan on being there at 10 this a.m. and wanted first dibs without the whole world knowing (didn't you know he whole world is reading this blog?)

Another secret, not my secret, is that MTV will be premiering Madonna's new tour Documentary on October 21st @ 10:00 caled I'm Going to Tell You a Secret. Since I don't get MTV (it will be coming back to Canada soon) I'm going to have someone tape it for me and mail in A.S.A.P (I've been wanting to see this forever). It was initially suppose to premiere at Cannes and be released in theatres, but that all fell apart and is now straight to T.V. It's like Truth or Dare 15 years later.

Also, at starting November 7th, you will be able to listen to the new Madonna CD, Confessions on a Danceflloor, in its entirety a full week before it hits the store shelves...for free (I'm passing this info to you because I know you'll love it and then run out and by the CD the day it comes out). It's on something the call The Leak.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Expert Chef

This is what I'm attempting to make this Sunday:


NBC’s made a great decision moving Martha Stewart’s time slot from 8 to 9, against ABC’s Lost. Variety reports that The Apprentice: Martha Stewart was watched by 8.5 million people, an increase of 15 percent over last week’s low numbers. And it’s the show’s largest audience yet.

Just like I reported during the Film Festival (when I saw Jake G and Kirsten Dunst looking very snuggly during the screening of the God-Awful “Bee Season”), Orlando is most definitely not with Kirsten…I love being right!

Movies Opening today:(click for reviews)

In her Shoes
Where the Truth lies
The Educators
Wallace & Grommit: The Curse of the WereRabbit
Two for the Money

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Rumours are swirling that Apple will be announcing a Special Edition Madonna Ipod which will contain her complete library (just when I thought my Christmas list was complete, I have something else to add) plus A new video-enabled iPod is expected to be unveiled by Apple Computer Inc. during a press conference next week

ANTM: While it’s true that in the real model world, most of these gals would be lucky to get into the Sears catalog, I’m loving this cycle of Top Model. I keep picturing myself walking down the runway with my signature walk and having Nigel tell me that my walk is “Fierce”.
Last night’s episode had some lesbian action with my favourite fishlip contestant, a model wannabe dropped out of the show because she couldn’t bare to lose 1 inch of hair, and Miss J decked out in a bathing suit…My Eyes My Eyes!!!

I would share with you my thought’s on last night’s Lost, but I’m too confused to formulate any sort of review.

I posted earlier about the big “Split”, as usual their reps are denying it, so from now on, this will be a Simpson free blog!!!

Martha’s Apprentice was all about Wedding Cake decorating…I hate to admit it, but I shed a tear when the trailer park couple dished out $700 for a cake. So sweet.

Yesterday’s Oprah…Sarah Jessica parker is so adorable, did you, like me, see up her skirt when she was putting her shoe back off! Oprah is as annoying as ever…I believe she may be gaining some weight back…agree? Orlando Bloom just doesn’t do it for me. On Oprah tomorrow a very emotional Uma Thurman…it looks like she may give up the goods on Ethan’s affair with the Montreal stripper…this is some seriously
good stuff!