Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Drop the soap

Big-time rumours circulating that the lead hottie from Prison Break, one of this seasons "break-out" hits, is G A Y (and has been told by FOX, for the sake of the show, to go back behind the closet doors)
The writers of ABC's new show Commander in Chief, may have some more tricks in their closet. The president's son, Horace Allen, played by former Manhunt contestant Matt Lanter, may be revealed to be gay in an upcoming episode.

Maybe Gwynnie's not preggers after all? Gwyneth Paltrow, Martin Freeman and Simon Pegg will take roles in "The Good Night," a $15 million romantic comedy written and to be directed by Paltrow's brother, Jake Paltrow.
Even though it's set in New York, it will shoot mainly at London's Ealing Studios. Shooting starts Nov. 7, with a few days of New York shooting scheduled for January.


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