Monday, October 31, 2005

Heath Ledger (gay cowboy) and Michelle Williams (dirty Jen from Dawson's Creek) are the parents of a (conjecture here on my part, squishy faced) little girl...Matilda Rose (waltzing Aussie of them)

Jude and Sienna back together again and again??? WTF? Click

Ok, now the real celeb! So the train ride to Windsor and back was fine, a good opportunity to catch up on the magazines I've been buying and never having a chance to get to). As usual there were some obnoxious smelly people that we were forced to sit in close proximity with. I've convinced Darren that from this day forward we will only travel 1st class on the train (while only a step up from coach, at least we'll get to board first and feel special). The Somerset Collection was better then ever with the reopening of Tiffany’s and a new Kate Spade store (where I picked up the cutest Christmas ornaments ever). I was fairly well behaved, in other words I didn't have our credit cards declined (I'm saving that for NYC in a month). But I did enough damage that D and I looked ridiculous walking home from Union Station last night (the cabbies didn't want to take us since we weren't a high fair RUDE).
So, the Black Eyed Peas were pretty good. I swear that Fergie only has three dance moves and they all involve her shaking her tush. Gwen Stefani was GREAT! Even though she only has one cd of material to perform, the show was very high energy and had bubbles. I love bubbles, I actually prefer confetti, but bubbles are a close second.


Anonymous Jo-Anne said...

A new addition to my list of sentences that crack me up because they are made in all seriousness:

"I actually prefer confetti, but bubbles are a close second."

That, bitch, is sheer genius.

4:34 PM

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