Saturday, October 08, 2005

I've got a secret

Ok, I've known about this for weeks but held back on sharing on this until now...reason being, I plan on being there at 10 this a.m. and wanted first dibs without the whole world knowing (didn't you know he whole world is reading this blog?)

Another secret, not my secret, is that MTV will be premiering Madonna's new tour Documentary on October 21st @ 10:00 caled I'm Going to Tell You a Secret. Since I don't get MTV (it will be coming back to Canada soon) I'm going to have someone tape it for me and mail in A.S.A.P (I've been wanting to see this forever). It was initially suppose to premiere at Cannes and be released in theatres, but that all fell apart and is now straight to T.V. It's like Truth or Dare 15 years later.

Also, at starting November 7th, you will be able to listen to the new Madonna CD, Confessions on a Danceflloor, in its entirety a full week before it hits the store shelves...for free (I'm passing this info to you because I know you'll love it and then run out and by the CD the day it comes out). It's on something the call The Leak.