Monday, October 03, 2005

the return of the lip-sync

Even though I’m not her #1 fan (especially since she bumped Madonna off of the December issue of Blender magazine) I thought it was a worthwhile mention. Ashlee Simpson is hoping to redeem herself with a new appearance on Saturday Night Live and will perform on the episode hosted by Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) this weekend. I think the Simpson sisters are clinging on the their very trail end of their 15 minutes

The production company behind one of my favourite 2004 movies, Million Dollar Baby, are planning another boxing story…'Pound For Pound', the last book of the late F.X. Toole, the author on whose book Million Dollar Baby was produced. The film will tell the story of a trainer who makes it his task help a young boxer after he tragically loses his last living relative.

More Martha… she will produce a women-focused home improvement reality show. The series “is about a group of women who learn trades and help renovate the 125-year-old house,” and those women “are coming off welfare programs, recovering from bankruptcy or getting out of drug rehabilitation,”


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