Thursday, October 06, 2005

Rumours are swirling that Apple will be announcing a Special Edition Madonna Ipod which will contain her complete library (just when I thought my Christmas list was complete, I have something else to add) plus A new video-enabled iPod is expected to be unveiled by Apple Computer Inc. during a press conference next week

ANTM: While it’s true that in the real model world, most of these gals would be lucky to get into the Sears catalog, I’m loving this cycle of Top Model. I keep picturing myself walking down the runway with my signature walk and having Nigel tell me that my walk is “Fierce”.
Last night’s episode had some lesbian action with my favourite fishlip contestant, a model wannabe dropped out of the show because she couldn’t bare to lose 1 inch of hair, and Miss J decked out in a bathing suit…My Eyes My Eyes!!!

I would share with you my thought’s on last night’s Lost, but I’m too confused to formulate any sort of review.

I posted earlier about the big “Split”, as usual their reps are denying it, so from now on, this will be a Simpson free blog!!!

Martha’s Apprentice was all about Wedding Cake decorating…I hate to admit it, but I shed a tear when the trailer park couple dished out $700 for a cake. So sweet.

Yesterday’s Oprah…Sarah Jessica parker is so adorable, did you, like me, see up her skirt when she was putting her shoe back off! Oprah is as annoying as ever…I believe she may be gaining some weight back…agree? Orlando Bloom just doesn’t do it for me. On Oprah tomorrow a very emotional Uma Thurman…it looks like she may give up the goods on Ethan’s affair with the Montreal stripper…this is some seriously
good stuff!


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