Sunday, October 09, 2005

Turkey, Cake and Dsquared

A little break from Hollywood for a little Mykeywood...(not a lot of star gossip worthwhile mentioning actually)
I'm not adverse to spending $300 on a pair of pants, however I will only buy them if they're on sale. If the regular price is $300, I won't buy them, however if the regular price is $600 then I consider it a great deal and won't hesitate. So yesterday I went to the new Holt's Last Call store, which I have to say I was impressed with. Actually, this Vaughn MIlls place, while not somewhere I'd go regularily is probably worth checking out a couple of times a year. I LOVE a bargain.
So not only did I get a $25 Holt's gift card as a gift with purchase (just $30 shy of getting a $50 gift card..shoot) I also got 10% off everything! Plus all three items, werea already marked down by at least 60%. Now, the Miu Miu jeans are a little snug, but for the price I figured I'll either lose some weight, so wear my shirt untucked so that my bum is covered.
I'll be right turkey needs basting.
Ok I'm back...I'm in the middle of making a Thanksgiving dinner...
So here are my three purchases, plus the Thanksgiving arrangement Darren got for me (after listening to my subtle hinting for a week) and the Carrot Cake I mad and very proud of. Gobble Gobble


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