Monday, October 17, 2005

Vince and Jen and their public display of affection.

Survivor Palau's Jenn undergoing Breast Cancer Treatment:
In People this week Jenn talks about her current treatment for stage three breast cancer. Jenn writes that, last summer, she discovered a number of lumps in her breast. “I thought it was probably scar tissue related to my breast implants. So I let it go—for a long time.” She continues, “I got my saline implants six years ago. It was just something in my head that I thought I needed to do for self-esteem, to balance myself out. Before, I was a large A-cup, and the implants changed me to a small C-cup.”Once she was finally diagnosed with breast cancer, she “opted to get a modified, radical bilateral mastectomy on Aug. 29 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. A surgeon removed both my breasts and 29 lymph nodes,” she writes. Now, she’s about to “start a four- to six-month course of chemotherapy, followed by tamoxifen, a drug designed to prevent a recurrence.

Box Office Wrap up:
1 The Fog $12.20
2 Wallace and Gromit $11.70
3 Elizabethtown $11.10
4 Flightplan $6.50
5 In Her Shoes $6.10
6 Domino $4.70
7 Two for the Money $4.60
8 A History of Violence $3.60
9 The Corpse Bride $3.50
10 The Gospel $3.20


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