Sunday, November 13, 2005

According to OUT magazine People's Sexiest Man might be..." Certainly the famously nude-and-drum-playing Matthew McConaughey never has fun with Craigslist either, though we were pleased to observe him a few years back late at night the lobby of a Milan hotel trying to score a three-way with a male buddy of his. Matty does like to have a good time, and what's wrong with that?. What this means to me is that I'll have to reconsider who my "One" is. If I get to have just "one" than I should at least pick someone where I have a shot, no matter how remote.

Box Office:
1. Chicken Little, $32 million.
2. Zathura: A Space Adventure, $14 million.
3. Derailed, $12.8 million.
4. Get Rich or Die Tryin, $12.5 million.
5. Jarhead, $12.3 million.
6. Saw II, $9.4 million.
7. The Legend of Zorro, $6.6 million.
8. Prime, $4 million.
9. Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story, $3.8 million.
10. Pride & Prejudice, $2.8 million.