Monday, November 14, 2005


If you didn't see me in my slightly altered state Friday night, then you missed my loud and proud recommendations that everone should purchase a copy of the new Madonna CD which comes out today, Tuesday November 15th (also Darren's lucky!!!) I even told my lovely Cab driver, Mosbeeta, that he should buy one.
This really is an amazing CD (I managed to find a copy a couple weeks back online and have been listening to it non-stop) It's amazing to put on to get the night going, or even to work out's getting RAVE reviews across the board...check out this weeks People Mag review (even stuck up reviewers like the New York Times, and the London Observer are giving it top marks). I'll be buying a few copies myself (also take note there are two versions, one that plays one song into the next like a complete mix beginning to end, and the other like a regular cd with proper start and end of every song)

In other news...Jakey G and Kirsten Dunst are still together and making out on the patio of some restaurant. Does he ever eat inside? Jeez.

Trashy Tara Reid is 30...but no nipple slip....however Keira Knightley pulled a Tara and revealed her boob at the Pride and Prejudice premiere...I won't post the picture because rumour has it some people read this at work. Anyway, there isn't much to see.

Kenny Chesney's says about the publicity he's been getting from the press since his quickie marriage to Renee Zellweger: "They've done nothing short of calling me gay and (Renee) a whore. None of those things are true. I'm pretty firm in my sexuality and my love for women."


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