Sunday, November 20, 2005

Saturday night I hosted a little b-day spectacular for my bf's 31st, and I have to say it was Banana's (I still haven't quite figured out how to use that one, so assume that I'm using it in a positive context).
Patrick and Ben attempting to beat the Guinness book world record for the longest make-out session
The Hung Up dance-off with Jay. Judging by Robert and Tyler
A certain someone from L.A. touching my belt buckle
Darren (jokingly for the record) telling my sister that he liked it when I slap him in the face with a certain appendage
Not getting in trouble when I came clean that the cake cost $120 and that I put it on Visa
Joanne's skin feeling as soft as buttah
Heather's bartending skills
Clara and Amy's thesis on stale smelling sacs
Getting to drink the wine I've been saving for a special occasion because my brother-in-law opened it unbeknownst to me (it was lovely)
Telling Mary that throwing up was a good ab workout and then thanking God she said "No" when I asked her if she wanted to go to the emergency room because I didn't want to miss all the fun
And lastly not getting too drunk and being able to recall the whole nights events (a nice change)
Thanks to everyone for joining us and for being the best friends ever
The painful reminder of why I should be waxing certain places instead of shaving (razor burn is a beeyatch)

and for some Hollywood info...

Odd little law suit...Wife Swap contestant seeks $10 million in damages because show's producers swapped his wife with a gay man. "As a result of intentional infliction of mental distress he has incurred medical bills, public humiliation, embarrassment and undue grief. He seeks $5 million for that distress and punitive damages of $5 million."

Fergie from the Black-eyed peas claims to never having plastic surgery. I call her a liar. Josh Duhamel, do you really want to spend the rest of your life with someone so plastic? (or right, I saw you on Martha's show and you were such a loser, so of course the answer is're still hot though)

Weekend Box office
1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, $101.4 million
2. Walk the Line, $22.4 million
3. Chicken Little, $14.8 million
4. Derailed, $6.5 million
5. Zathura, $5.1 million
6. Jarhead, $4.8 million
7. Get Rich or Die Tryin, $4.4 million
8. Saw II, $3.9 million
9. Legend of Zorro, $2.3 million
10. Pride and Prejudice, $2.1 million


Blogger heather said...

I would have been upset if my bartending skills weren't mentioned! Good thing!
Great party... you are the hostess with the mostess... bi-atch

8:12 PM

Blogger M said...

Just a little FYI...I prefer he-atch to bi-atch :-P

9:07 AM

Anonymous Jo-Anne said...

You two throw THE BEST parties. I'm honestly kind of afraid to have you show up at mine, especially since heather can't make it and get you good and drunk (damn office Christmas party!) Thank you, thank you, thank you for inviting me! I had a great time!

1:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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