Thursday, November 03, 2005

This is supposed to be a Simpson free zone (I'm also supposed to be taking a Madonna break) so I guess it's all out the window. Ashlee Simpson was stinking drunk/ coked up at a McDonalds while in Toronto and was apparently a complete schizo fool. I can't believe there was a time when the Simpsons intreested me and I would giggle about how much Jessica reminded me of me...blah

My latest favourite redneck celeb wannabe (Kevin Federline) has a CD in the works. The first track leaked and can be found with very little effort (that is if you're a glutton for punishment and want to hear his hilarious attempts at rapping... brings to mind...I'm drinking a Soy latte the room is full of hotties).

Crazy Courtney Love needs girl band members...she's writing new music and looking to audition (NO Boys) beginning next month for a guitarist/back-up vocalist and a bassist. Ideally the back-up singer is someone who looks like Kathy Hilton but twenty-five years younger. Bassist needs to be “heavy, goth, but not ugly”. No drugs, no boys, no desperado’s. Send us your resume at EMI, inc. and some pics (no full body shots). A tour in January is hoping to take place. Be ready for hard work and leave your shit at the Obstetrician. I think she should see if Anna Nicole Smith is available (talk about a train wreck) Yowza

Margaret Cho inks sitcom deal with Fox. Her comedy script would involve a character based on her mother, whom she regularly sends up on stage. "I'm very excited about this project because, finally, I get to become my mother," says Cho.

Madonna performed Hung Up for the first time tonight at the Europe MTV awards (and while her voice wasn't top notch, she can sing very well live hello Reinvention Tour) she looked AMAZING...hard to believe that's the body of a 47 year old. Is there anything wrong with me saying that when I'm 47 I want to have a body just like that...minus the boobs mind you...actually I want a body like that now, still minus the boobs



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