Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Tonight I saw a play...and can someone out there please explain to me...Why or How did a play about a wife confronting her husband about his adulterous affair with a goat ever get produced (and win Tony's)? The Goat or, Who is Sylvia? is by far the most odd "thing" I've ever seen in my entire 28 years. I would like to take credit for the best line of the evening, turning to Heather and Warren, after the actors had taken their final bow and exited stage left, and saying "That was Baaaaaad".

"Prison Break" returning in February?
Creator and executive producer Paul Scheuring says a delay till May is looking less and less likely. "What I understand is that there are three different models under consideration," he explains. "One of them has us coming back in late January or early February. The second one has us coming back later in February. The third one is (returning in) May. Nobody knows which it will be. My initial first reading of the tea leaves -- I thought it would be May. But it seems in the last two weeks, the needle has been slowly swinging back toward an earlier return."