Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Two C list pregnancies to report:
Tori Spelling (pregnant with some Canadian actor's, who I've never heard of, baby) The little tart was doing him while still newly married (and now divorced). I think her silicone is leaking, but hope its not too serious since I'm longing for a 90210 reunion (excluding the dweeb that Andrea married, that story line was WEAK!) Donna Martin Graduate!
Stop right now, thankyou very much... Spice Girls drop-out geri Halliwell is reportedly preggers too. I hope Becks is spreading his seed to all the Spice Girls, goodness knows we could use a few more guys like him in this and hot!

And I told D this 3 days ago after looking through the British version of OK but will tell you now, Nicole Kidman is engaged to Keith Urban, he's much shorter than her, but aside from that I approve (I think my blessing will make her happy ;-)


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