Friday, November 25, 2005

US Thanksgiving has really slowed down the gossip, so this is the only juiciness I could get a hold of. Oh regarding those really lame American Music Awards the other night...when the show opened with the disco balls I thought to myself, "Self, could it be that Madonna is making a special appearance that even I don't know about, because everyone knows that Madonna owns the rights to use disco balls while promoting the fab Confessions on a Dancefloor?"...but much to my dismay, when the ball turned around it didn't reveal Madge in all her toned glory, but Mariah the pariah!!! (also this time next week I'll be in NYC...woohoo)

Even though I'm not an Elton John all...the little troll has announced that he will finally marry his longtime partner, David Furnish, on December 21, the first day civil partnerships of the Gays will be recognized in England.

Jude and Sienna and their public squabble (from superficial): A source said that "They were fighting on the corner of Spring and Broadway, [screaming] [bleep] this and [bleep] that and [bleep]hole and bitch . . . Jude got so [bleep]ed off, he told her one last time to [bleep] off and then he stormed off. He left poor Sienna standing on the corner in the rain waiting for him to turn back around, but he did not."