Sunday, November 06, 2005

You know you've had to much too drink when the drag queen stops the show to watch you doing your own rendition of Vogue. That was my Friday.
My Saturday was just as indulgent, food instead of booze though. We finally went to Lee for dinner, and I suggest everyone go there. The food was excellent and the staff was sooooo friendly...and I loved the budgie creative.
And I have say a huge thanks to a certain friend who hooked me up with a Holt's friends and family 20% off card. I won't name names, but you know who you are, and I Love ya for it.

Ok so the weekend box office (I saw Jarhead, thought it was very good, I'm not really into war movies, but this had me entertained/ disturbed...I also saw Capote which I LOVED!!! It was slow, so if you have ants in your pants you may want to avoid it, but I was so impressed (I embarrassingly thought Truman Capote was Al Capone....ha!!!) Philip Seymour Hoffman is pure genius

1. Chicken Little, $40.1 million
2. Jarhead, $28.8 million
3. Saw II, $17.2 million
4. The Legend of Zorro, $10 million
5. Prime, $5.3 million
6. Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story, $4.8 million
7. Good Night, and Good Luck, $3.1 million
8. The Weather Man, $2.9 million
9. Shopgirl, $2.5 million
10. Flightplan, $2.3 million

My Jakey G got a new puppy. Could he be any more perfect? (Jakey G, not the half pug/ half beagle)

Madonna and Lola went to the UK premiere of the new Harry Potter


Anonymous chanker said...

i thought you quit drinking!

4:39 PM

Blogger M said...

I did quit...for 5 weeks without even a sip. That was long enough I think ;-)

1:08 PM

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