Wednesday, December 07, 2005

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For those of you who read my film festival blog, you may remember me reporting that Johnathon Schaech was all over some slutty girls at the Proff after-party…well guess I was right…Actress Christina Applegate and husband Johnathon Schaech are calling it quits after four years of marriage. The couple filed for divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court. Schaech is also an actor. Their publicists, Ame Van Iden and Chuck James, confirmed the split Monday. "The decision is mutual," they said in a joint statement without further comment.

If you are already thinking about how to lose the holiday weight that is inevitable… "The Biggest Loser" releases workout DVD For only $14.98. ;-)

"Queer Eye" changes focus to soon-to-be-married guys

Rap superstar Eminem told a Detroit radio show Tuesday he is back together with his ex-wife - and may remarry.

Is it true the Jennifer Aniston burned her wedding dress? I’ve been reading that a lot, but have my doubts that she's that wacked out


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But Jonathan Schaech is sooooooooo GAY....


2:11 PM

Blogger M said...

I think he's bi at least for should have seen the way he was checking me out ;-)

2:36 PM

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