Friday, December 16, 2005

David Beckham and his silly little Gillette ad. I love love love this man and would let him give me a good shave any day....and if I could get this posting picture function to work, you'd see it and love it too....Yippee persistence has paid off!. Enjoy

This picture of Kirsten Dunst, from Perez (enough with the scribble by the way), just helps me to believe that my Jakey G. must be a homo (I mean really)

Can you believe that Anna Wintour, the uber bitchy Vogue editor, forced trendy NYC eatery Balthazar to bring in a bush so that she could coud have privacy while she ate! I'm so looking forward to the screen version of The Devil Wears Prada so that googley-eyed diva will finally go down. Yay!

It's "LIVE" with Will & Grace
NBC's Emmy Award-winning Will & Grace will welcome 2006 with the second live episode of its eighth and final season on Thursday, Januray 12 (8-8:30 p.m. ET in its new time period) as Karen (Megan Mullally) throws a birthday party and ends up staying in the bathroom with her friends for virtually the entire episode.

Movies Opening in the GTA today (with the exception of King Kong which opened on Wednesday) click for reviews:
Brokeback Mountain (please please please see this movie. It's my pick, so far, for best film of the year. Subtle but brilliant)
The Family Stone
The Producers
King Kong


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