Wednesday, December 21, 2005

It's a good thing Kathy Griffin has reconciled with her hubby, she'll need his shoulder to cry on.
From Page Six: E! President and CEO Ted Harbert is the grinch who stole Kathy Griffin's Christmas.
Just a week before the holiday, Harbert informed Griffin's lawyer her services would no longer be needed at E! To make it worse, she found out she'd been axed only because her lawyer called asking "what the deal was" with the upcoming Golden Globes.

Now that Rebecca Romijn has shed that extra weight perhaps her brain is functioning a little bit better...apparently she was seen snuggling up for a week at the One and Only resort in Palmilla, Mexico, with a mystery man who was definitely not Jerry O'Connell.

I can't find the news source to back this up...but as I sit here sipping my morning coffee watching Regis and Kelly (Bonnie Hunt is filling in for Kelly today) Regis is talking about how Star Jones and Joy Behar (the view co-hosts) have a raging war going on...oh what I'd pay to see Joy rip off one of Star's wigs on T.V.

As far as I know, the final two episodes of Nip/Tuck (which have already aired in the US...why is CTV waiting until the New Year?) are en route to me from Mary who has managed to tape them with her's going to be difficult to avoid finding out who the carver is as I scour the net for gossip, but I have to try.


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