Sunday, January 29, 2006

From Page six :WHICH British actor is said to be battling the dual demons of crystal meth and heroin? He already underwent a top-secret rehab stay, but his handlers are worried about him again after his zombie-like appearance at a recent awards gala.

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Mykeywood’s SAG awards:
I’m a redhead so I’m wearing a green dress award:
Grey’s Anamtomy’s Kate Walsh
I do have an issue with colour coordination, as a result of being partially colourblind, however what I lack in matching principles I more than make up with style. How many times do I have to witness a redhead in a green dress? At Christmas time it’s cute and fun, like when twins are dressed the same (albeit a bit creepy) or when you have your orthodontist put orange and black elastics on your braces for Halloween…but any other time of the year it’s so uninteresting and predictable.
Best Ponytail:
Everyone was sporting a ponytail…but Charlize’s was the best
I’m a straight guy playing a gay guy who's a young guy wearing an old guy suit:
Jakey G. You’ve been in my bad books lately because you’ve been coming off a little homophobic in interviews promoting Brokeback Mountain..and now you're wearing a bow tie?
Most in need of a Mykeywood makeover:
Anne Hathaway…Honey please fire your stylist. Let’s be honest, you’re never going to be the type of girl who can roll out of bed and arrive at an award show. For you it takes time…and it’ll also take someone who’ll be wiling to tell you that the Golden Globe clown makeup and now this lace and satin number just don’t help make your inner beauty shine through.
Best Isaac Mizrahi impersonation:
Ryan Seacrest: The red carpet seemed a bit tame with the fashionista asking Eva L about her bush…but thankfully Ryan got a teeny dirty when he asked Felicity Huffman if she named her “man package” from Transamerica. She called it Andy
Dumbest San Antonio spurs star dating a Desperate Housewife:
Tony Parker: Can he actually from a complete sentence or is he that good in the sack? There must be some reason Eva looked so happy (ugly hair, but happy)
I’m a Martha Stewart Living subscriber:
Apparently Hilary Swank has a lot of time on her hands now that she’s newly separated. From my best guess her dress was the product of the latest issue of MSL in which there are step b step instructions on how to turn your left over Christmas ribbons and bows into a dress.
Let’s all wear purple award:
The Desperate Housewives who all wore purple…but forgot to tell Nicollette Sheridan…oops
You plain out bore me award:
Reese Witherspoon…blah

Weekend Box Office
1 Big Momma's House 2 $28.0
2 Nanny McPhee $14.1
3 Underworld: Evolution $11.1
4 Annapolis $7.7
5 Hoodwinked $7.4
6 Brokeback Mountain $6.4
7 Glory Road $5.2
8 Last Holiday $4.8
9 The Chronicles of Narnia $4.4
10 The Matador $3.8