Monday, January 23, 2006

Oh, Canada -- you're not really going to elect a Conservative majority on Monday, are you? That's a joke, right? I know you have a great sense of humor, and certainly a well-developed sense of irony, but this is no longer funny. Maybe it's a new form of Canadian irony -- reverse irony! OK, now I get it. First, you have the courage to stand against the war in Iraq -- and then you elect a prime minister who's for it. You declare gay people have equal rights -- and then you elect a man who says they don't. You give your native peoples their own autonomy and their own territory -- and then you vote for a man who wants to cut aid to these poorest of your citizens. Wow, that is intense! Only Canadians could pull off a hat trick of humor like that. My hat's off to you.
Far be it from me, as an American, to suggest what you should do. You already have too many Americans telling you what to do. Well, actually, you've got just one American who keeps telling you to roll over and fetch and sit. I hope you don't feel this appeal of mine is too intrusive but I just couldn't sit by, as your friend, and say nothing. Yes, I agree, the Liberals have some 'splainin' to do. And yes, one party in power for more than a decade gets a little... long. But you have a parliamentary system (I'll bet you didn't know that -- see, that's why you need Americans telling you things!). There are ways at the polls to have your voices heard other than throwing the baby out with the bath water.
These are no ordinary times, and as you go to the polls on Monday, you do so while a man running the nation to the south of you is hoping you can lend him a hand by picking Stephen Harper because he's a man who shares his world view. Do you want to help George Bush by turning Canada into his latest conquest? Is that how you want millions of us down here to see you from now on? The next notch in the cowboy belt? C'mon, where's your Canadian pride? I mean, if you're going to reduce Canada to a cheap download of Bush & Co., then at least don't surrender so easily. Can't you wait until he threatens to bomb Regina? Make him work for it, for Pete's sake.
But seriously, I know you're not going to elect a guy who should really be running for governor of Utah. Whew! I knew it! You almost had me there. Very funny. Don't do that again. God, I love you, you crazy cold wonderful neighbors to my north. Don't ever change.
Michael Moore

Shockingly… "The Tyra Banks Show" renewed for Season 2

WB & UPN MERGE, FORMING THE CW NETWORK…The surprise annoucment was made today: "Warner Brothers and CBS Corp. announced plans Tuesday for the creation of a new broadcast television network, called CW, that would replace the WB and UPN networks in the fall of this year

AOL Music has launched a site called "G-Sides, Music for the GLBT Community," which it says features "the gay and lesbian artists we love."
"This site will talk about all different facets: gay artists, music that has a strong LGB fan base, and even videos that you might not think have relevance to the gay and lesbian community -- but do." A chart, "This Week’s Essential Tunes," links to videos from artists-and presumed gay icons-such as Gwen Stefani, the cast of the Broadway hit Rent, and, of course, Madonna

Slow gossey week thus far...sorry kiddies.

At Sundance, The Katie Holmes sex scene from Thankyou For Smoking (which I saw in Septemebr at the Toronto Film fest)has been cut leading people to believe that the couch jumper, To Cruise, may have pulled some strings.

2006 Madonna Tour Taking Shape: In the clearest sign yet that a Madonna tour will happen in 2006, sources say Arthur Fogel has nailed down the promotion rights for the outing. Fogel is president of TNA International, Live Nation's global touring division. The tour will come in support of Madonna's 2005 album, "Confessions on a Dancefloor." Fogel produced Madonna's ReInvention tour in 2004 and Drowned World tour in 2002, which grossed a combined $200 million. He got the nod from Madonna's camp despite what sources say was a concentrated effort from rival promoter AEG Live to promote the tour.

Gay Britain:A rising number of British people are having same-sex sex, according to one of the biggest studies of the nation’s sexual habit. Around 15% of people surveyed by The Observer said they have had lesbian and gay ‘sexual contact’ in their sexual lifetimes. This figure is a rise from 11% in 2002, the newspaper says and is slightly higher with men. Some 16% of men said they have had same-sex contact


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