Tuesday, February 28, 2006

One more new Jessica Simpson pic from W (see others a few posts down). According the article, Jess and Nick remian good friends (whatever) and that she won't discuss anything to do with her alleged affair with Johnny Knoxville (meaning she did him hard!)

Teri Hatcher comes clean about having cosmetic surgery in the new issue of Glamour....collagen and botex being her nip/tuck of choice. She does say that she hasn't had anything done in a year.

It's WAY too early for Grey's to jump-the-shark, so cross your fingers that this rumour never comes true: I'm hearing that Drew Lachey is in talks--though nothing firm yet--with Grey's Anatomy to join the show for at least a few episodes later this season.(thanks to Mary via Watch with Kristin

This is a wig right? Britney Spears did her bit to bring the people back to New Orleans by participating in Mardis Gras. (pic faded youth)

Tom and Katie are still globe-trotting (now in Tahiti)(via JJB)

Vince Vaughn joines the $20mill club:"Wedding Crashers" team Vince Vaughn and director David Dobkin are teaming again for "Fred Claus," a Warner Bros. holiday comedy about Santa's loser brother reports Variety. Comedy revolves around Santa's black-sheep brother, who heads back to the North Pole and gets a chance to redeem himself. Vaughn is expected to land a $20 million salary for the first time.(dark horizons)

PageSix Bits: (once and for all confirmation that Linsay Lohan is a bonafide slut):
Brad Pitt to become a U.N. goodwill ambassador, just like his woman, Angelina Jolie. A spy overheard Brad with two European men as they quaffed Pilsner Urquell beer at the World Bar in Trump World Tower the other night and yakked about an upcoming event at the U.N. across the street.
THAT fans of "Arrested Development" can relax. Word is Showtime not only picked up the canceled Fox show but also ordered 26 more episodes
Lindsay Lohan, was spotted at 5:30 a.m. yesterday coming back to the SoHo Grand hotel room of her ex-boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama. The ex-couple had been partying together at Lotus into the wee hours Sunday night.

Project Runway is probably my favourite reality show, but the Amazing Race will always be very clsoe to the top of my list of must seet T.V. 'Amazing Race 9' kicks off with a two-hour premiere tonight starting at 9 p.m. on CBS.

Kate Moss must be counting her lucky stars that she got away when she did: Pete Doherty has been arrested on suspicion of stealing a car and possessing illegal class A drugs, a police source said on Tuesday. The 26-year-old rocker was stopped with two younger men in central Birmingham on Monday evening by police investigating reports of a car being stolen in London.(Reuters)

Monday, February 27, 2006

Jessica Simpson is trying her best to look like Britney Spears in a new photoshoot

Courtney Love is off the smack and being a good mother to Frances-Bean taking her to the premiere of some crap kiddie flick.

Richard Gere in unfamiliar territory (bras and drag queens)? I don't think so.

George Michael said his arrest for suspected drug possession in London this weekend was "my own stupid fault, as usual." "I was in possession of class C drugs which is an offence and I have no complaints about the police who were professional throughout," Michael - who rose to fame as half of the 1980s pop duo Wham! - said Monday in a statement.(AP)

Update:Maybe Not...The name of Madonna's new tour has been announced...THE DANCE AND SING WORLD TOUR 2006 (announced by Fun Radio today)

I'm so excited...Tom Ford Announces Partnership with Ermenegildo Zegna group to produce and distribute menswear, accessories, and footwear
Milan Italy - Tom Ford announced today a licensing agreement with Ermenegildo Zegna group , a global leader in fine menswear, for the production and worldwide distribution of luxury men's ready to wear and made to measure clothing, footwear and accessories under the Tom Ford label. Collection slated to debut in fall 2006

In the latest who’s doing who….

To be honest I don’t know about how accurate this is, but it’s juicy enough to repeat just in case. WINONA Ryder got possessive the other night at Von's on Bleecker Street when Liev Schreiber went outside for a smoke. Spies say the couple had been making out earlier. So when Schreiber started chatting up two young beauties on the sidewalk, Ryder quickly came out to reclaim her man (Pagesix)

I think I know! Naomi Watts not being able to keep her hands off a certain Oscar-nominated dude (guess who!) (Awful Truth)

I don't care, but you might...Bruce Willis was very eager to get tsunami model Petra Nemcova's number - finally scoring it after he donated a large amount to her charity. Since then, the two have kept in touch. Nemcova has told pals: "He's been really sweet to me, but I wouldn't call it dating," while Willis has told pals the two are dating. (Page six)

Sunday, February 26, 2006

He wants your sex...and your drugs...George Michael is always in trouble: British singer George Michael was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of possessing drugs after he was found slumped in a car in central London, a police source said (he was arrested in the Hyde Park area). "We were called by a member of the public to a man seen slumped over the steering wheel of a car," the statement said. "He was arrested on suspicion of possession of controlled substances." (reuters)

Weekend Box Office:

1 Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion $30,250,000
2 Eight Below $15,722,000
3 The Pink Panther $11,300,000
4 Date Movie $9,225,000
5 Curious George $7,005,000
6 Firewall $6,280,000
7 Final Destination 3 $5,350,000
8 Doogal $3,609,000
9 Running Scared $3,075,000
10 Freedomland $2,900,000

He had the number one movie last weekend, and is likely to have two movies in the top 10 this weekend (he's an awful actor but so damn pretty) Hottie of the week: Paul Walker

Sarah Jessica Parker finally plays the blame game..."There was a time in 2004 and even last year when there was great momentum for a film. "The production was all set and readied and the script was ready," reveals Parker. "We had our stages up but those stages are gone now. The sets have been dismantled and sold. The wardrobe is gone. There are nothing but memories left." She doesn't even pretend it wasn't Kim Cattrall who put the brakes on a feature film. "It's true, everyone was on board for the film except Kim." She's a little more cautious when asked why Cattrall, who played catty, vampy Samantha, refused to participate. "I was led to believe there were a number of reasons. It wasn't just a case of money, but I'm not certain exactly what all those reasons were. "You have to respect someone's choice to want to move on in their life."(calgary sun)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sad news on a Saturday night...Don Knotts, aka Ralph Furley on "Three's Company," has died. He was 81.

I swear to you I'm not a Jakey G stalker. And I don't even know why I'm so compelled to post every new picture I see of MR.G. Perhaps I'll allow myself until the Oscars to obsess over him and then take a JG hiatus. In the meantime, here he is in West Hollywood with his "good friend" Austin (who's also very easy on the eyes)

I'm really liking this Madonna Hung Up/ Death Cap Soul Meets Body mash-up Listen here (Party Ben)

Only 7 more sleeps untilt the Oscars and everyone is making one final attempt to look their best. Best Supporting Actor Nominee Jakey G was spotted jogging incognito. Cute

Lets call a spade a spade. Lisa Marie is a fucking loser. If Elvis hadn't been so fat when he died he'd be turning over in his grave

Friday, February 24, 2006

Sheryl Crow had surgery for breast cancer earlier this week and the prognosis for a full recovery is excellent, her publicist reported Friday.

Here it is, from mykeywood to you (and from access hollywood too) A video clip of Britney on Will and Grace click here to view

Video Clip of Britney on Will and Grace coming soon...

Grey's Anatomy...a bit of a spoiler:

TV Guide: If you had a very special Valentine's episode, what surprises would it have?
Pompeo: A lesbian scene! [Laughs] Speaking of surprises: Did you know that one of the interns is leaving the intern program?
TV Guide: Can you say who?
Pompeo: No, but whoever it is knows already. I just know that it's not me.

The Martha vs. The Donald battle continues...The Domestic Diva has branded his behavior as "juvenile," "evil," "unethical" and "immoral." "He sent the letter to the press before he sent it to me," groused Martha, appearing on daughter Alexis' Sirius Satellite radio show, "Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer." "A normal businessman doesn't really behave this way," Alexis concurred. "Donald is not a normal businessman," said Martha, speaking from her office. "Remember Donald was born with a silver spoon in his mouth." "Or up his a-," sniped Alexis. "He's a spoiled brat," agreed Martha. Martha went on: "Guess who is replacing [Trump employee] Carolyn Kepcher on the next version of the show? His daughter Ivanka!" "I feel sorry for her," said Alexis. "She seems like a nice girl. It must be hard to have such a freak for a father." (NY Daily news)

People have a problem with this guy being the next James Bond? Are they retarded? This pic makes me actually want to see it. Daniel Craig on the set of Casino Royale(people)

I can't believe she broke up with that hottie Irish model. This guy is cute too though. Keira Knightley can take pride in her new catch: Rupert Friend. The Pride & Prejudice costars were spotted getting sun-kissed Thursday in the Bahamas.(people)

Jeanne Tripplehorn, Ginnifer Goodwin and Chloe Sevigny (who looks so pretty for a change) pose at the premiere of the HBO Original Series "Big Love"

First glimpse of Spider Man 3

After (allegedly) dressing up in drag and offering an undercover (male) cop a little suckey suckey, Film director Lee Tamahori has pleaded no contest to criminal trespass in exchange for two prostitution charges being dropped.(BBC)

Before running to the theatres this weekend to see yet another hottie Paul Walker movie, you may want to check out the reviews firstclick to read

What is it with these child actors? Brad Renfro ("The Client" and "Tom and Huck,") was ordered into drug treatment program on Thursday after he pleaded guilty to charges of trying to buy heroin. Tsk tsk!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

He's back in the U.S. After a whirlwind European vacation, Brad the dad is back in New York.(ET)

Screen caps of Britney's appearance on Will and Grace!(access hollywod)

Ben Affleck is looking pretty good these days...shame about the nose hair.

NATALIE PORTMAN and actor GAEL GARCIA BERNAL are back together after a nine-month split. He's hot. She's hot. They're hot. All is right with the world.

Ladies...in case you were wondering what you'll need to be thinking about for Fall Winter 06/07 fashion: Headlines from the catwalks are (via gawker:
“Black is back” [AHN]
“Color is back” [SJMN]
“Fur is back” [NYT]
“Knits are back” [SPI]
“Hats are back” [Mercury]
“Leggings are back” [Observer UK]

Yippee (it's really taking shape kids...I'll get to wear my MadonnaSummer t-shirt again)Tour dates have yet to be announced, but rehearsals begin March 1.
According to Jaime King... who was the creative director for Madonna’s last two tours. "Being that [Confessions on a Dance Floor] is an intimate album...To achieve that intimacy, Madonna will have to be able to get close to everyone, so the tour is also going to be more interactive. "I would like to put her as close to her people — her fans, her dancers, her fellow supporters — as possible," King said. While that effect was achieved via the pit and the catwalk on her Reinvention Tour, don’t expect Madonna to merely reinvent that tour and trot out all the hits. The set list has been confirmed, King said, and it’s definitely Confessions-heavy, with "some familiar faces" popping up from the past two dance-themed videos, "Hung Up" and "Sorry." That said, there will be a few yet-to-be-revealed fan favorites on the set list as well, but expect a lot of the songs from Confessions on a Dance Floor."

Brad the dad is friggin adorable.

She can't sing very well, but she's pretty (in that dirty girl-next-door kinda way) Becky O'Donohue ("American Idol" contestant is featured alongside her twin sister, Jessie, in photos on the Maxim Web site.)

Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe and have signed up for an Australian historical epic to be directed by Moulin Rouge director Baz Luhrmann. Now if there were only a way to tie in some musical numbers I'd be in heaven

A return of crack-head Whitney? PEOPLE are still talking about how bad Whitney Houston was performing at the Olympics in Turin. "Nowhere close to a gold-medal performance, nor even a bronze contender," a witness told Canadian columnist Shinan Govani. Houston coughed, sniffled and talked her way through one song and told the crowd: "Why did they choose to do this outdoors? I don't sing in the cold. It makes my voice funny." Her last number, "I Will Always Love You," quickly became "her all-time low moment," the witness reports. Unable to reach the high notes, Whitney smiled, waved and winked to the fans.(page six)

And another from Page Six...Lyndsay Lohan and Jonathan Rhys Meyers are an item? On Monday night, Lohan and Rhys Meyers pulled up to the Spotted Pig in a black SUV and, spies say, "were escorted into the draped- off VIP room alone for some privacy . . . They were alone, and left in the car together." We're sure they're "just friends."

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Chris O'Donnell will be doing an 8 episode guest spot on on Grey's Anatomy starting in March. Yippe. His career may be almost dead but he's still cute (Oh and he beat me for the role of Robin in Batman Forever, for which I auditioned, but I'm not bitter)

It's always interesting to meet new people who, through getting to know each other, you find out your paths may have crossed...which is why this Jolie - Pitt crossing is good times (via fadedyouth)

I try not to put "news" on mykeywood if it's already on every other blog (usually they end up everywhere eventually, but I'd rather be one of the first instead of one of the last...which is probably why I may have less info here...I edit) However this latest picture of Whitney is too good/ bad to pass up(via pinkisthenewblog):

Being the humanitarian that he is, Kid Rock is trying to prevent us all from going blind: Kid Rock has won an initial victory in his attempt to stop a California company from releasing an explicit sex video featuring the rap-rocker, former Creed singer Scott Stapp and four women.

HUGH GRANT reportedly struck a photographer with a manila folder on the streets of New York City yesterday (New York Daily News) Former Daily News spokesman KEN FRYDMAN, who witnessed the incident, says, "Hugh Grant had his head down, looking at his cell phone, when this young guy started flashing his camera." Grant responded by taking photographers of the snapper with his camera phone, saying, "How do you like it, mate?" before calling the paparazzo a "p**sy" and slapped the manila folder he was carrying across his head.

Paris Hilton has hit back at Mischa Barton, after the actress blasted the hotel heiress for "hating everyone around her age who is more successful". In response, Hilton tells the New York Daily News, "I don't even know the girl. I could care less. It seems like she's the one trying to stir up a rivalry. I've never said a word about her in my life. But she seems to be spending a lot of time thinking about me." Barton's publicist insists the actress was "joking" when discussing Paris and when she called her a Silly B!tch

Brad Pitt last night denied reports he had agreed a multi-million pound divorce deal with Jennifer Aniston. A movie website claimed the Hollywood heart-throb had allowed Friends star Jen to keep their $29 million Beverley Hills mansion. It also said Brad, 42, would get control of the former couple’s film company Plan B Productions ($50 million). But Pitt’s spokeswoman Cindy Guagenti said: “It’s not true. This story is a fabrication based on an old rumour.” And the Los Angeles Superior Court confirmed no new papers had been filed.

Gwynnie and Apple enjoying the sun and pool in Mexico.

In two months I'll be in Paris...from now until then I'll be saying my prayers that I'll have a Pitt/ Jolie sighting (even though I think she's due around that time...talk about bad timing) Zahara Jolie-Pitt has Brad Pitt's full attention at the foot of Paris's Eiffel Tower on Monday (people)

According to the POST/US: NICOLE Kidman is going to beat her ex-husband, Tom Cruise, down the aisle. The porcelain-skinned star has stayed mum on whether she is engaged to country crooner Keith Urban, but sports a huge diamond ring on her left ring finger. Now, Us Weekly reports she'll marry him next month. The weekly reports that the couple have already sent out invitations to nuptials in early March that will be held in their native Australia

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I have no idea how long this pic has been going around...but I've only just now been unfortunate enough to come across it...and since I had to be witness to it, so should you. Ashanti's camel toe to end all camel toe. Click on the picture to see it in all its glory. (source damnimcute)

Some behind the scenes screencaps and video of Jakey G getting some, um "help" from Tom Ford. (caps Towleroad, video Vanity Fair) The music in the background kills me...it's total softcore porn music.

Here's a screen cap of what you can expect the stage at the Kodak theatre to look like come Oscar night.

Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo is going out with an ex-con! Chris Ivery, 38, served 14 months in a federal prison after pleading guilty to postal theft and credit card fraud in 1994.

I have nothing to say about britney in this picture...I think it speaks for its' Seaworld self

The two shirts from Brokeback Mountain, being auctioned on eBay, have sold for a crazy amount of $101,100!!! (thanks to Warren for letting me know)

CTV is hanging the famous red logo on the Masonic Temple for MTV Live, a daily music magazine that will likely go head-to-head whenever it launches (“this year” is as specific as a CTV spokesperson would get) with MuchOnDemand (weekdays at 5 p.m.) (source canoe)
Guess I have a new movie to add to my list of must see dvd's: NO wonder Sienna Millerdidn't reunite with her cheatin' sweetheart Jude Law after she allegedly sampled Daniel Craig's impressive wares. A movie buff reminds us that the new James Bond had several full-frontal nude scenes in "Love Is the Devil, a 1998 biopic of painter Francis Bacon. Craig, who played Bacon's gay lover George Dyer, is "quite impressive," says our randy reviewer, "he's nicely endowed." Law, meanwhile, disappointed legions of female fans when he was photographed in the buff by paparazzi in France last summer.(NYPost)

Monday, February 20, 2006

Mykeywood's song download of the week is:
Ride A White Horse by Goldfrapp...if you don't know Goldfrapp you really should...hopefully this song will be enough to make you fall in love...it was for me (I know last wekk some people had problems downloading Imogen's song this one should work though

Jakey G was not expecting to win at the BAFTA's, click the link to see the vid.clip

Happy 40th Birthday Cindy...work it girl

Milan Fashion Week: During the D&G show, the Pet Shop Boys' remix of "Sorry" played for the entire duration. As was the case with the men’s show, a few pieces featured Madge’s mug.
(source drownedmadonna)
I've been asked by a couple of people to make an emergency Hottie of the week posting: Dr. McSteamy from last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy
Fergie is disgusting period.
Divorce details of Brad and Jen: Former celebrity couple Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have concluded their $60 million divorce settlement. The Rumor Has It star will assume sole ownership off their $29 million Beverly Hills mansion, while the Fight Club actor will take control of their lucrative film company Plan B Productions. (source IMDB)

Worst dressed of the week goes to Johnny Weir (Figure Skating or not, fishnets as a shirt should be banned forever)