Thursday, February 09, 2006

Anyone who can marry Lyle Lovett is capable of pretty much anything...I don't believe this, but you can decide for yourself (from popbitch). Oprah Winfrey has been heard all over town telling her friends that Julia Roberts is headed for divorce! Julia is set to star in Three Days of Rain on Broadway this March and Oprah is saying that she's using this time to distance herself from Danny.

That guy that claims to have done "it" with Gay Aiken and has the washcloth to prove it was on Howrd Stern's the dirty transcript...YOWZA!
Back to the hotel, John said Clay kept his shirt on the whole time. He said Clay placed John's hand directly on the bulge in his pants. Howard quizzed him on this aspect of the story, pressing for details about Clay's pee pee, including the size.
Strangely, at this point, John tried to clam up. He was willing to out a celebrity nationwide, but he didn't want to talk about his pee pee. He eventually revealed that Clay is small, and his johnson has "distinguishing marks" that were later characterized as "three little bumps." John said he pulled Clay's hand away and then Clay became aggressive: a "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde scenario," as John described it. John said he wasn't especially attracted to him but was caught up in the notion of celebrity. Clay allegedly wanted John to him to perform oral sex on him, and John initially declined. He said Clay was pushing his head down. He also said that Clay wanted to "fist" him but was able to fit only two fingers. John then said that Clay wanted anal sex, but they had no condoms. According to John, Clay said "Don't worry about that." Clay then flipped John on top of him and eventually forced him down onto him, and they had unsafe sex. In fact, they had unsafe sex for 90 minutes, during which John said he never once got an erection. John said he kept trying to stop, and that Clay is "very verbal, very loud."
From Malcontent

I don’t care if I lose my Oscar Pool, I’m going to give my vote for Best Picture to Brokeback…I’m not alone either - Ang Lee's "Brokeback Mountain" rode off Wednesday with a brace of awards from the London Film Critics' Circle, picking up honors for film of the year and director of the year.

Rosie O’ is fab…I even thought she did a pretty fair job on Broadway in Fiddler, however I think she may be a teensy weensy bit delusional. “While she has several TV projects in the works, Rosie says she would never be given a guest shot on "The L Word." "I would have to lose 25 pounds to get on 'L Word,'" she says. "It seems you have to be hot and look good to be on that show.” Um Rosie, not to be mean, but…25 lbs?…are you sure that’s all it’d take?

As far as I’m concerned the best T.V. shows come from HBO (well maybe showtime too…oh and FX). Anyhow, I can’t wait for "Big Love" which will be all about Mormons and Polygamy and costar that crazy Chole Seviegny. It’s already creating quite a buzz and is bowing down to some complaint’s by including a note clarifying Mormons and Polygamy. The note running at the end of the first episode reads: "According to a joint report issued by the Utah and Arizona attorney general's offices, July 2005, 'approximately 20,000 to 40,000 or more people currently practice polygamy in the United States.' The Mormon Church officially banned the practice of polygamy in 1890."

I'm surprised that this still makes the news...but whatever...tonight on Will and Grace expect a hot hot hot kiss between Will and Taye Diggs

Maybe I should get XM too and I wonder if her best friend Gale will get her own show (again): Oprah Winfrey has signed a three-year, $55 million deal with XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. to launch a new radio channel beginning in September, Winfrey and XM announced Thursday.

Ted Casablanca is the best:"How do you keep that bitchin' bod, Madonna?" I blurted, gatekeepers be momentarily damned. "Pilates," she purred, again swishing that so-fine behind that had opened the show with such soft-porn perfection.
"Oh, really," I answered, only slightly surprised. Then I remembered the story I had posted just the previous day about Madonna and her hubby supposedly being on the outs. "So, I guess it's not love, then, that keeps you so toned," I rather impolitely prodded. Madonna stopped. Which meant her whole entourage stopped. She looked at me. She held those hazel babies of mine like they were the last pupils she'd ever hope to pierce, visually speaking. "Oh, yeah, Ted," she purred even more seductively than she did the first time (this honey's as smart as they come, fer sure). "That's what I should have said." Pause. "Wish I had."