Monday, February 06, 2006

I don't think the wild wild west is the direction John Varvatos should be taking his line. I'm not sure I'm loving this particular ensemble (New York fall '06 fashion week)

According to the Windsor Star...Ben Afleck was hitting the old stip joints while staying in Windsor for the Superbowl this weekend (as you may or may not know..Windsor is where I went to University, so any news like this is huge for the little border town) Anyhow, the last time BA was caught going to strip joints he was with J Lo and we all know where that relationship went. Ben, this Jen is sweet and the mother of your first born...smarten up missy! I'm starting out this new work week a little wiser and a funny feeling that there will be some big hollywood news coming soon. Plus, the Grammy's are this week and I just can't wait to post about it, specificaly Mariah...ha!

Did you watch Grey's Anatomy last night? I love that show so much...really could it get any better? I'm not too sure how I felt about Christina Ricci though. After Opposite of Sex, she was my favourtie indie screen queen, but somewhere along the way we drifted apart and she's ended up in the has-been depot with my other favourite-once-upon-a-time Parker Posey.


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