Monday, February 13, 2006

I just can’t get enough of Jonathan Adler’s designs (especially the really cute x-mas ornaments I picked up at his Soho store. The Jonathan Adler unprecedented sale event. Up to fifty percent off select items. February 15th through the 28th. Pottery, Lighting, Textiles, Bedding and much more scandalously well priced. Thanks to Mary for letting me know!

I'm not quite sure why Tyra Banks is standing on her head for this promotional photo to hype the March 8th premiere of America's Next Top Model...but I can't wait to see it!(pic from jared)
If this comes true I’d be VERY surprised…Madonna will follow the Rolling Stones' example when she tours the world this summer - by mixing up dates between theatres, sports arenas and stadiums. The pop superstar insists the ever-changing venues will stop her from getting "bored" on the road. She explains, "Originally I had the idea that I wanted to do a little bit of everything - some small, some sports arenas and then stadiums." The tour will kick off in Los Angeles in May 2006 with ull dates and venues yet to be announced. (Contactmusic) (Two venues she mentioned were the Roseland Ballroom in New York City and the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles which seats only 2200.(pic from Bigtitty

For the love of all things O…Oprah's “good friend” GAYLE KING reveals to ET that Oprah was actually not looking forward to getting on a plane that day (late December a private jet carrying Oprah and her “boyfriend”, STEDMAN GRAHAM, had to make an emergency landing after the plane's front, outer layer windshield cracked). "She had a bad feeling that day about flying," she says. "She didn't particularly want to go, she was leaving California, going to Hawaii and she really tried to come up with many excuses to get out of going on the trip."

My favourite Saved By the Bell alumni will always be Elizabeth Berkley. However I'm always interested in hearing what they're up to: Mario Lopez (AC Slater) is joining the Bold and the Beautiful in the contract role of Dr. Christian Ramirez, Hector’s younger brother. Lopez first airs in mid-March. (source soap opera digest)

Very interesting, not only is she eating but with an ex?... EX-couple Nicole Richie and DJ A.M. enjoying a quiet dinner at Il Sole in Hollywood (source Post)

He’s a classy family man… ROBIN Williams stayed warm during the blizzard by getting loads of lap dances at Scores West. The fast-talking funnyman turned up at the West 27th Street topless temple at about 1:30 a.m. (source Post)

Charlize and her mom attended the Oscar lunch yesterday. Um, wow is this Charlize's future?
Here's a sexy screen cap of Carmen Electra from the new Max Factor commercial. Dave Navaro better be counting his blessings all day every day (even though I do have them on my break-up radar)