Monday, February 27, 2006

In the latest who’s doing who….

To be honest I don’t know about how accurate this is, but it’s juicy enough to repeat just in case. WINONA Ryder got possessive the other night at Von's on Bleecker Street when Liev Schreiber went outside for a smoke. Spies say the couple had been making out earlier. So when Schreiber started chatting up two young beauties on the sidewalk, Ryder quickly came out to reclaim her man (Pagesix)

I think I know! Naomi Watts not being able to keep her hands off a certain Oscar-nominated dude (guess who!) (Awful Truth)

I don't care, but you might...Bruce Willis was very eager to get tsunami model Petra Nemcova's number - finally scoring it after he donated a large amount to her charity. Since then, the two have kept in touch. Nemcova has told pals: "He's been really sweet to me, but I wouldn't call it dating," while Willis has told pals the two are dating. (Page six)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't know Liev and Naomi broke up!

10:09 AM

Anonymous Selena said...

Who knew Liev & Naomi were no longer together?? I bet she was hitting on George C.....

10:36 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't Liev and Naomi just get engaged a few weeks ago?

Bruce Willis does like the young women. Too bad its not reciprocated.

10:39 AM

Anonymous Genevieve said...

Namoi wants Jake Gyllenhaal

11:15 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Naomi is gunning for George Clooney

11:44 AM

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