Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Live from the Grammy' lovely blurry screen caps.
Gwen Stefani looks like a huge pregnant leopard
Fiona Apple looks like an Olsen
Kelly Clarkson, love the extensions, hate the dress. Sorry but ruffles belong and chips
Beyonce looked GORGEOUS...which means she wasn't wearing one of her mother's designs I'm guessing
Teri Hatcher, what cha doin' at the Grammy's?
Sheryl Crowe...quick call a Dr., your breasts have grown flowers
Madonna gave a repeat performance from the EMA's just as good, but I've seen it already so it wasn't all that exciting I'm sad to say...the Gorillaz part was cute though


Anonymous Jo-Anne said...

Okay, I admit to not really watching (as much as I love music, grammys don't interest me. And why aren't they the Grammies? English, people.) Some thoughts though:
Kelly Clarkson looked like the bottom of her dress was astroturf she ripped off the balcony and spraypainted black. Ewww. And what was with her high-pitched squealing during the speech? I thought she was trying to call a gang of attack dogs to the stage.
Gwen, Gwen, Gwen... what on EARTH were you thinking?!? She looked like the unsightly tragic result of a porpoise-leopard DNA experiement. And it would appear that Gavin is doing his own sympathy pregnancy...
Christina Aguilera, holy titties!! Those things looked like she inflated them before stepping out of the limosine and just after they finished a stint at WestPoint. Attention!
Please, please, for the love of GOD, Grammys, don't let more than two performers sing one song together on stage. From the snippets I saw, it was like musical Survivor: outsing, outgesture, out of tune, outrageous. Paul McCartney and JayZ should never, ever, EVER share a stage.
That's all.

9:29 AM

Blogger M said... me a favour and never start your own blog. Girl' you are the funniest person EVER!

1:55 PM


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