Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Madonna's fan club ICON has posted pics from the Sorry video, which will premiere tomorrow (in Canada check out MuchMusic around 5)....also from Rolling Stone...Regarding her upcoming World Tour...According to Rosenberg, the tour would emphasize her latest album, Confessions on a Dance Floor, with a few hits thrown in -- and include dancers from David LaChapelle’s crumping documentary, Rize. "Her last tour was kind of a greatest-hits tour, and I don’t think she would want to repeat all the songs," Rosenberg says of 2004’s Re-Invention trek, which grossed $79.5 million and was the year’s third-best-selling tour, according to Pollstar. "But there are a few off the list that she left out."

More LOST this year. "We are doing 23 episodes, but the 23rd is a two-hour finale, so it's actually 24 hours," says "Lost" writer/producer Javier Grillo-Marxuach.

Shonda Rhimes, creator of Grey’s Anatomy, has blogged about Sunday night’s fabuloso episode saying "I’m betting many of you got to the last moment of the episode, heard Meredith whispering “what did I do, what did I do, what did I do…” and shrieked at the TV when you saw the credits. That’s what my Mom did when I showed her the episode a week ago. She was all, “THAT’S ALL YOU ARE GONNA SHOW ME?! WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!” And when I wouldn’t tell her, she got kind of mad and guilted me with the fact that I came out of her body. To be fair to you, I get that you hate me right now. I mean…I left you hanging. But, to be fair to me, I did not know until a day into production that this was gonna be a two hour thing.”

Ok, here's a much clearer picture than my crappy screen cap below of the upcoming Vanity Fair. The page folds out to reveal S's tush, but since people read this at work I'll leave it to your imagination.

And, from dlisted, Jen is the April Vogue Covergirl. While her movie career isn't doing so well she may as well make some bucks as a model.

I skimmed the latest issue of QG...and now I know I shouldn't have. From Page Six: Jack Black grew up in a sex cult where his father and mother were in a nightly menage a trois. And all in the naturist commune were urged to go naked all the time. "My parents met this other woman who ended up coming and living with us. In the same bed," the "King Kong" star tells GQ. Joining the Family Synergy pre serve, Black says, was his parents' attempt to save their troubled marriage. Instead, his jealous mother would beat up his father's girlfriend: "It was a meltdown."

The Gawker loathes Perez too..yippee! Click to read more

Britney Spears an unfit mother? No, it can't be! From jared, here's a lovely pic of mommy Spears driving down the street from Starbucks with her baby in her lap. it's a good thing celebs never have accidents or anything when the paparazzi are around.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the passanger door looks open so maybe shes waiting for someone...

9:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

not likely - that background is blurry. even if she is still in this shot, she is definitely moving (and apparently happy being "chased") in the other pic posted.

8:55 AM

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