Sunday, February 05, 2006

Weekend Box Office
1. When a Stranger Calls, $22 million.
2. Big Momma's House 2, $13.35 million.
3. Nanny McPhee, $9.9 million.
4. Brokeback Mountain, $5.7 million.
5. Hoodwinked, $5.3 million.
6. Underworld Evolution, $5.1 million.
7. Something New, $5 million.
8. Annapolis, $3.5 million.
9. Walk the Line, $3.4 million.
10. Glory Road, $3 million. superstar MADONNA is reportedly house-hunting in New York City. The England-based HUNG UP singer has recently denied allegations her marriage to GUY RITCHIE is on the rocks, but has instructed her brother TOM CICCONE to find her a haven in the city for her and her kids. A friend of the star tells British newspaper the Mail On Sunday, "She's thinking it might be time to come home. "It's not too far from Manhattan, but far enough to be a haven of peace for her and her son ROCCO and daughter LOURDES. "Madonna has told family members she's homesick."


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