Friday, March 03, 2006

Page Six is working overtime to distance themselves from the untrue Liev/ Naomi breakup rumour they published from earlier this week. Case in point this completely useless blurb about them in today's column
NAOMI Watts and Liev Schrieber at Indochine studiously avoiding eye contact with a table of 10 "out-of-towners" who kept staring at the couple
On the other hand here's one juicy Page Sixer item
WHICH flaxen-haired mini-mogul was overheard loudly hoovering disco dust in the locked ladies' room of a hot spot on the West 27th Street club corridor while sharing a stall with a young female friend?
Jon Bon Jovi is turning into a little diva. A couple of months ago he was trashing Madonna for taking her kids to premieres and now he's jealous of Axl Rose for getting more attention than he does Saying "You know what I've done in 13 years? A lot. But they have continued to write about the freak show aspect of him. Because he's a recluse. That makes him interesting, right?"(page six) Hey Jon, why not cheat on your wife and leave e-mails like bandmate Richie Sambora?