Wednesday, March 08, 2006

There's a new gay in Hollywood...I have no idea who it might be, but Ted C from eonline is throwing us a few hints in a blind item and he's calling him Crisp Lisp (move over Toothy Tile):
Crisp Lisp. On Oscar night, he attended one of the hottest-ticket bashes in this damn town. And he didn't go alone. He was with his date--a very nice, if shy, dude. The two made no secret that they were on a romantic outing. And by this fetching factoid, I don't mean to imply they were sucking face and groping each other.
Crisp and his paramour just kinda chilled. Held hands. Whispered low. Gazed longingly into each other's bedroom eyes, blah-pre-poke-behavior
-blah. Sure, everyone knew what was going on and that this is pretty much C.L.'s first foray into serious gay-relationship territory.
I wanna wish C.L. luck. And even though Crisp has a detractor, or three, in this town (who friggin' doesn't?), well, who can hold a grudge against new love?
Oh, and if you think you've seen C.-hon at a lot of high-profile parties lately, you're right. You totally have.


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