Tuesday, April 18, 2006

from towleroad:
Howard Stern on Rosie O'Donnell's gay family cruise documentary: "It's so, like, kind of beautiful, and she put together this cruise where they could all be together and not feel so abnormal all the time and be goofed on, and I thought it was great... I gotta hand it to the broad. She did a good job, and she did a good thing for people. You know. And at one point, they pull into, like, The Bahamas, and there's a religious group protesting them, and – it's pretty upsetting...But Rosie was like very, very cool about it, and you see her working with these kids, and it was, you know, hey – you can goof on her all you want, but she's doing more than most. She's doing something for people."

This week's Entertainment Weekly provides a glimpse into the new Bill Condon Dreamgirls production: "There will be four new songs, including an '11 o'clock number' for Beyonce titled 'Listen' and a paean sung by [Jennifer] Hudson called 'Love You I Do.' Frets Condon, 'They'll be saying, 'He changed this, he changed that.' I mean, that's what I would say.' The studio reps are betting critics and award balloters won't sing the same lament."