Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I saw an advance screening of The Devil Wears prada last week:
Well, I didn't read the book so I can't give you a review comparing the two. It was a cute fluffy movie. I generally loathe Anne Hathaway (even in Brokeback) but she was quite good. Meryl was bang on as the bitchy/ difficult editor-in-chief, when isn't she great though?
I completely stopped paying attention the the movie during Madonna's Jump and Vogue (which were quite lengthy clips)
Some of the people who saw the movie didn't seem to care for it much (mostly everyone at the screening works in some form or another in the Canadian fashion world)...so perhaps it was too close to home or maybe they just thought it was too over the top and unrealistic (but really, what would you expect from a mainstream Hollywood film?)
For what it is, fashion + comedy + 2 Madonna songs + nice shots of New York and Paris...I thought it was entertaining. And Simon Baker with no shirt on, yum!


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