Friday, August 25, 2006

J-Lo Preg-O?

Can it be true?

from AccessAtlanta...
In an otherwise innocuous interview, Jesse McCartney disclosed that he is dating actress Katie Cassidy, daughter of baby boomer teen idol David Cassidy. He then spilled that his gal pal has been cast as Lucy Ewing in the big-screen adaptation of the 1970/1980s TV soap "Dallas."

Then Locke inquired, "Oh, so I bet your girlfriend can give us the scoop on why Jennifer Lopez was fired from the movie?" Without thinking, McCartney replied, "She didn't get fired. She's pregnant."

Oops. J-Lo and hubby Marc Anthony haven't exactly made that news public yet.

Locke reports that McCartney then looked nervously over at his female handler and quickly changed the subject.

"It was kind of a 'Oops, what did I just do?' moment," Locke told Buzz. "It quickly became 'Can we just talk about the record?' When the microphones were off, he just looked at the woman with him and asked, 'Was I not supposed to say anything?"


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