Monday, September 11, 2006

As I sat down to watch Shortbus last night I got a call to let me know that there would be a ticket waiting for me at the One X One event. Shortbus started late and I had too little time to go home and change and make my way to the event at the Carlu...only to find out that Brad Pitt was there. ARGHHHH!!!!!!!

Reichen and Lance Bass sat a few rows behind me at the Shortbus Premiere...I debated taking a picture for Mykeywood, but in the end decided even Mykeywood has some standards :-)

I will blog some more in the morning (give me a break I've spent only one waking hour over the last two days at home!)

For now some more ratings...

Shortbus 8.2/10
Rescue Dawn 8/10
Stranger than Fiction 9.2/10
Sleeping Dogs Lie 4/10


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