Friday, September 08, 2006

Candy...could easily be passed off as a say NO to drugs movie. Quite graphic, quite sad, quite good. If you thought Heath Ledger was good in Brokeback, well he completely tops himself with this one. Broken down into three parts, Heaven, Earth, and Hell, Candy is essentially a love story of two heroin addicts.
This apparent new rule, coming down from the TIFF head honchos, is no photo's allowed in the theatre...which stinks. And as a result my pic of Heath equally sucks.

On the way home I hoped to catch a glimpse of my favourite designer (right now) Christopher Bailey at the Holt's party...but I felt a bit loserish watching people going in, rather than being one of the people going in, so I left before any major action occurred. Note to Holt's, add me to next years guest list, please and thanks!


Blogger heather said...

that pic of heath is so sad... see you tonight...

9:47 AM


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