Thursday, September 07, 2006

I only have 15 minutes to get from Rescue Dawn to Stranger than Fiction...but I might not have too much to worry about.

Oscar hopefuls such as "Volver," "Babel," "Little Children," "The Last King of Scotland," "Infamous" and "Fur" had movie fans buzzing at the 33rd annual Telluride Film Festival, which wrapped in the Colorado Rockies resort Monday.

One invited film never made it to Telluride: Werner Herzog's recently completed feature "Rescue Dawn," starring Christian Bale as Deiter Dengler, an American pilot whose story was told in Herzog's 1997 documentary "Little Dieter Needs to Fly."
Herzog said he couldn't get the money to free the print from the lab. In Telluride, one distributor reported that he had screened and liked the movie, but the film was so tied up with multiple producers and accounting issues that it would be difficult to negotiate a sale. There is still a question as to whether "Rescue Dawn" will make its scheduled dates at the Toronto International Film Festival, which opens Thursday


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