Friday, September 15, 2006

You know I always like to see at least one movie with some substantial dirt in it...I thought Short Bus was one particular scene in Red Road caught me completely off about dirt yowza!
Red Road 7.3/10
Starter for Ten 8.8/10
10 Items or Less 8.2/10

Only a few more movies to go...can't believe how quickly it all goes...I've spent roughly 50 hours watching movies in the past week and have (mostly) loved each one of them. No true stinkers this year...yet.

I didn't get to attend a whole lot of star studded parties this year (thanks to a lack of invites), but in retrospect it would have been near impossible to top last year's partying with Gwenyth P. My one regret was not skipping the Short Bus premiere for the One X One party...ahh well, live and learn


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